At Sony’s TGS presentation yesterday they showed a bit more info on Let’s Manga (or Manga Kakeru)

Let’s Manga is a very unique Vita game from Granzella that gives players the resources and tools to create there own manga stories. Future DLC will likely add additional content to use in your creations.

You can check out a bit more footage of the game here and/or here.


Let’s Manga will be released this fall for 400 Yen in Japan, and free for PS+ subscribers. The owner of Gematsu also suggests the game will also be getting a westward release at some point so let’s hope for the best!

  • Phelan

    It won’t ever leave JP.

    Well it is bit sad, as we need more software for Vita… like gamemaking, mangamaking, language learning software etc.

    But ow well… if anyone is interested in that kind of software he can buy Manga Maker Comipo

  • nonscpo

    As much as I love the idea of making my own manga, truth be told I suck at drawing, oh well I can always appreciate from affar. Hope it still gets localized for those who have the talent.

    • Phelan

      That’s not drawing software 🙂

      take a look at Manga Maker Comipo it works the same. You have 3d models acting like a dolls, you can manipulate and turn them however you want. later on you add bubbles, add tones, and halfones and voila.

      But it won’t come to EU for sure.

      • Hamzawesome

        If it comes to America, then it’ll most likely come to EU.

  • othy

    I asked to Granzella if they intend to publish Manga Kakeru in Europe and/or North America.

    They told me that they were looking into the possibility!