The widely used game creation suite will be made available free for game developers creating for Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Back in March it was announced that PlayStation Mobile developers could use Unity for Free. But now it has been revealed via the Unity3D blog, that all licensed PlayStation developers can now receive Unity Pro completely FREE. The Unity Store lists Unity Pro as normally costing up to $1,500 a month.

This is great news for Vita players and developers alike, and will  keep a good variety of high quality games coming to our favourite handheld. Unity is a popular platform amongst indie developers, with games such as CounterSpy, Stick it to the man!OddWorld: New ‘N’ Tasty and the upcoming Volume all being created using the software.


Deals similar to this have already been made with the two other big names in Video Gaming.  Unity is the default development kit for the Nintendos Wii U and a similar deal was struck between Microsoft and Unity back in February for the development of games for Windows.

Unity Pro can be used to create 3D or 2D applications, and we wait and see what his agreement means for upcoming releases to PS Vita.

What do you think about this agreement? What games do you hope Sony will bring to Vita with this new partnership ? Let us know in the comments section!

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I think that everything Vita-related should be published by Sony. On top of that, since this ‘free’ offer (so to speak) can benefit both parties -Sony, the developers and the Unity team- it’s up to Sony and Sony alone to handle all the publishing. There certainly is a mailing list or some kind of newsletter from Sony to the developers – they need to let all devs know Unity is free and Vita is waiting. I’m pretty sure the developers making games for Android are the ones who once wanted to make such game for the Vita, but were scared about that 1.5K per month. Sony needs to get those devs back into making games for the PlayStation Vita.
    At the same time, and here is the tricky part, those Unity-based games must explore what the Vita hardware has to offer. Indie games or not, we’re sick of those NES-looking games, this is the Vita for god’s sake, not a GameBoy Advance device. Furthermore, I’m not aware how free is Unity for now or for how long; The feeling I have reading this is that it’s too late, since said developers might be well established making their Android games and might not want to look back at the Vita – because all devs know that making games for the handheld seeking a good profit is a near-impossible task. If Sony realizes that Unity for free is HALF way done to get them back and the other half is up to them and their profit policy -which should be reduced in order to attract more developers- then this blind shot could go a long way and benefit the Vita somehow.

  • Phelan

    Frankly speaking I’d rather if it was free for all… I know that it is not going to happen as Unity Pro cost 1500$ or 75$ per month.

    The problem is… guys like me who are tinkering a bit with software, can’t really apply to things like that. I’m one man party, without his own company that is making game in his free time.

    Well… but it’s nothing unusual, not the reason to jump with joy. Nintendo has already Unity for licensed developer since quite some time.

    Oh…. but it is worth to mention that you can also apply for Gamemaker from YoYo. Bit annoying that PS is doing so little to advertise it.