Bandai Namco have revealed details of upcoming projects to celebrate the series 5 year anniversary. 

The original God Eater was released in Japan on the 5th February 2010, and to celebrate its upcoming milestone anniversary, Bandai Namco revealed a number of exciting projects based in the God Eater Universe at the Tokyo Games Show. The first big reveal, was the announcement of a God Eater anime TV series, which is to be produced by ufotable, the same company behind the games anime cut scenes.

Ufotable have a long history with the God Eater series. Back in 2010 when the game originally released in Japan, a 12-minute anime promotional video was released by the company, prequelling the game. No further details were discussed regarding writing staff for this new project, but we can expect more information as we head nearer to the anniversary next year. You can watch the original Japanese spoken promotional video from 2010 below:

Another interesting announcement was for a God Eater Pachi-Slot, which is the Japanese form of a slot machine. It will be designed and developed by Yamasa, who have already created Pachi-Slots for Tekken and the anime series Star Driver.

A few days ago we also brought you more information regarding the upcoming God Eater 2 expansion Rage Burst. We now have a trailer, and you can watch it below and bask in its Aragami killing glory!

After its initial Japanese release in early 2010, God Eater was re-released in October 2010 as God Eater Burst, which included an extended story and new game mechanics. It was eventually brought to the west in March 2011. Its sequel, God Eater 2, was released in Japan on November 14th 2013 but as of yet we are still yet to receive any details of localisation. This gives us little hope of a western release of Rage Burst anytime soon, but if this changes, The Vita Lounge will be the first on the scene!

  • Shay Batty

    This looks so freakin awesome! I really just wish it would get localized.

    • gamezalv

      I have faith in namco. After all they brought SAO over to the west which was a huge surprise.

      • Shay Batty

        I agree with you there. SAO was definitely a surprise and I love it, so there is still hope! Everyone kept saying to wait until God Eater 2 got an expansion with is Rage Burst and now that it’s here hopefully they’ll be localizing it.