The Persona-themed rhythm/dancing title has been pushed into 2015 by Atlus, according to an announcement during the Tokyo Game Show.

Aside from the news on the delay, a new trailer has surfaced – featuring Kanji, Yosuke, Chie, Rise, Kanami and the game’s protagonist (Yu) dancing to a remixed version of “Your Affection” by Diasuke Sakura.

Check out the new trailer;

Persona 4: Dancing All Night is now set to hit Japan in 2015, with still no word on a Western localization.

  • Ichigo Yoite

    oh please vita gods release this in the west!!! >_<

    • SarcasticPersona

      I thought they already announced that it was coming here. Ya know alongside Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Persona 5.

      • Yuuki

        yes they did sometime in 2015

      • Ichigo Yoite

        oh really!?! But in the Article it says that there’s no word on western localization yet…

        And Persona 5? I’ve heard rumors about it but thats all tbh O_O

      • Kyle Wakeling

        They said it’s coming, but didn’t give us a date or anything – so that’s no word IMO.

        • SarcasticPersona

          Oh. I understand now. But yeah hopefully we get a solid release date soon.

  • Lester Paredes

    I still have no idea how to feel about this game. Part of me is upset, that it’s not a story based rpg or some sort of spin-off like Person Q. The other part of me is looking forward to dancing to the awesome tunes of Personal, and discovering the remixes…

  • Yuuki

    also the delay is mostlikely due Dingo quiting as the co developer of the game. i somewhere also heard that they quited due the Love Live games.