We get another look at Phantasy Star Nova via a trailer revealed at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show and some new content screenshots.

Here’s the new trailer;

Along with the trailer, it was announced the fact thatĀ costumes and weapons from Tri-Ace’s other gamesĀ Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be appearing in Nova as well.

We get a look at those via some included screens;

Phantasy Star Nova is due out in Japan on November 27th, hitting Asia in March 2015 – there’s no news on a Western localization at this point.

  • Johnathan Pompey

    Think there’s any hope of this game seeing a localization?

    • Phelan

      “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate”

      using words of Alighieri

      Hmm… but maybe it should be rather more like “ye who owns Vita” but it would sound kinda stupid in latin :/

  • gRANT

    This is awesome and it really pissed me off since we’ll never get this game in the states.