The official website for Danganronpa: Another Episode has been updated to reveal some of game’s side activities.

Releasing in Japan on September 25th, there was also a TV Spot revealed for the game. Check out the details of the side activities (translated from the website) and view the trailer below;

  • Side Activities – There will be various collectible items and reading materials scattered about Danganronpa: Another Episode‘s map. Collecting these items is not crucial to progressing in the game but doing so will add significantly to your enjoyment of the game, giving you a deeper insight into the game’s world as well as triggering special conversations.
  • Scrap Notes – The people of Towa City have left notes lying around waiting to be discovered. By finding these you will be given a glimpse of the world’s current state.
  • Books – There will be both novels and Manga that you can pick up. Read by the people of Towa City, finding these books will trigger special events in which Komaru and Touko will discuss them.
  • Kutsushita Socks-chan – This is an ordinary picture book. (‘Kutsushita’ means ‘socks’. Socks Socks-chan!)
  • Kill List – A list written by kids that has information of their adult targets. You can learn more about the targets by dropping the lists off to Hiroko Hagakure.
  • Hidden Kids – These are collectibles that imitate the Five Warriors of Hope. Whenever you catch a glimpse of a mysterious glitter, you can fire a truth bullet and obtain one of these collectibles.

  • Phelan

    Objection! 😛

    It would be better to use the proper name of this game. It is not Danganronpa – another episode

    The name of the game is Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo – Danganronpa another episode

    So the name of the game is “Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo” and “Danganronpa another episode” is just subheading of the title.

    EDIT: oh just noticed even youtube video is named “絶対絶望少女 ダンガンロンパ Another Episode”

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Just going to note; nobody in the West is going to call it Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo.

      When it does get localized (’cause I’m betting it will) they’re going to drop that bit or translate it into “Absolute Despair Girl”, so it shouldn’t really matter.

      • Phelan

        Erm… no… we still don’t know about it…

        after all title “Danganronpa” (it is not made up word) wasn’t translated 🙂 so it wouldn’t be weird if they didn’t translate ZZS… some things makes more sense in original language…. or would they translate it as “Girl’s absolute despair”

        Anyway… game is called Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo at the momment and it should be called that way. If they will ever translate name, you will be able to write nice news how game got new name for west. “danganronpa another episode” is just subheading… and really it is just confusing for people.

        • Kyle Wakeling

          I think it’d be more confusing for them to think it’s not a Danganronpa game, or that there’s two of them (seeing as how anyone talking in English about the game calls it Another Episode, not ZZS or Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo – which I’m sure people like Tyler can’t even say).

          While your complaint is noted, I disagree with your reasoning and therefore it’ll stay as is.

          • Phelan

            Than why not call it with its full proper name “Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo – Danganronpa another episode” that way everyone will be happy.

            And you say that people are calling it “another episode”… well.. frankly speaking I saw that way of calling only on Vita lounge. Most of people I know got confused and thought that ZZS is different game from Another Episode.

            So while I understand that you have your arguments and that it is yours site and you can do anything you want with…. I still think that’s wrong decision that bring only misinformation.

            And the fact that someone can’t say the proper name isn’t good enough reason to call it in wrong way… it is as good reason as Tabata saying that he is old and don’t see well, thus he prefered making Type-0 on PS4

          • Kyle Wakeling

            Direct those in opposition to my Twitter, as I’d love to talk to these “most people” you refer to. Personally, I’ve yet to receive a single complaint on the subject other than yours and you even knew what I was talking about.

            Taking a cue from your reply; it’s as good as someone saying to you “Do you know CPR?” and you replying immediately “No, but I know cardiopulmonary resuscitation and if you say CPR nobody will get it.”

          • Phelan

            Erm… did you guys marked my reply as a SPAM or was it DISQUS?

            If it was you, I have nothing against it. It’s just that I don’t know if you could read it or not. If you did and not liked it than again I have nothing against it.

  • nonscpo

    So I’ve made it all the way up to chapter 3 of Dangan Ronpa 2 and I found the easter egg for Dangan Ronpa Another Episode. So far am enjoying the bell out of this game, that second chapter though was really powerful in my opinion.

    • gRANT

      I really don’t like visual novels, I find them boring as hell but the story in this game looks pretty fun, is there enough mini games on it to get someone that doesn’t like visual novels to keep them entertained?

      • nonscpo

        Yeah I believe so! As far as disliking visual novels, as long as your refering to those Kinective types that everybody hates then yeah I can understand how you feel. However I enjoy playing the ones with multiple choices, branching out plotlines, and various possible endings. Taking that into account Dangan Ronpa is quite linear!