According to an announcement by Bandai Namco Games at the Tokyo Game Show, the upcoming Gundam Breaker sequel is due out in Japan mid-December.

It’s official people; Gundam Breaker 2 will release December 18th in Japan.

The retail version of the game is set to cost 6,640 yen for PlayStation Vita, with the digital download coming in at a slightly more modest 5,980 yen. A combo pack featuring digital versions of the PS3 and Vita releases is also set to be available, clocking in at 11,800 yen (a savings of 820 yen).


First print runs of the game will also include a DLC redeem code for the HG Powered GM Cardigan, HG Build Burning Gundam, and HG Lightning Gundam mobile suits from the Gundam Build Fighters Try TV anime.

Check out the new trailer if you think you might be interested;

Will this be an import or a must-buy for you? Let us know in the comments.

  • WhyWai

    really interested on this game. too bad it’s only Jap ver. Not even a CHI version. I hope this sequel gets a translation version.

    • Neil Ryan

      Well if its anything like the first text-wise than you won’t need complete translation to be playable. But for more in-depth stuff like skills and customizing for certain builds than translations are needed. And that’s what guides are for. 😛 I fully encouraging buying the game if you love the the idea of making your own custom gundam or just making your favorite gundams from the anime/games and beating the crap out of other gundams. If you stuck just google it. Somebody’s probably got an answer/translation or otherwise.