MixedBagGames tweet could confirm when we will see Futuridium EP Deluxe on Vita.

Twitter is a strange beast. For the video games industry, it has been used in both positive and negative fashions. On the happier side of the spectrum, it is a great way for game developers to reveal to their loyal fans when their games are set to be release, and even give fans a sneak peak at what they are working on. Recent examples include the Papers, Please Vita port announcement, and the release date of the Wolf Among Us on Vita posted by TellTale.

There have also been some lessons in not how to use Twitter from people in the gaming industry. Skipping over the whole Phil Fish debate, the infamous tweet regarding a non-existence Final Fantasy Type-0 port will live long in the memory of Vita owning Final Fantasy fans. Though the announcement of an upcoming Final Fantasy title for Vita in 2015 at the Tokyo Game Show will have more than likely eased fans broken hearts.

The Italian based indie developer MixedBagGames is the latest team to use Twitter to tease its followers. The developers of the upcoming Psychedelic 3D shoot ’em up Futuridium EP Deluxe have tweeted what their work schedule will look like over the next few weeks:


This means that we should see the game the week commencing the 29th September, which is only a week away! A further tweet confirmed that the title was in fact ready for release, for we can expect more details and a trailer within the next week.

Originally confirmed for Vita, this updated version of Futuridium EP will now be made available for PS4 as well, which means the awesomeness of cross-buy will once again apply! The release date was originally July, but the developer included so much extra content to the game that they had to push the release date back. Though it means we have had to wait a little bit longer, Vita owners should be getting the definitive version of the game.

We will keep you up to date on the confirmation of a release date, so keep checking back to The Vita Lounge!

  • Lester Paredes