The visual novel is being developed by ARC System Works and ToyBox Inc.

Last month we brought you the news that Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is now available for pre-order through Amazon in North America and Europe.

Now, a new trailer for Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters has surfaced through the NIS America YouTube page, and offers a stylised look and feel for the tone that the two developers are aiming for.

Looking like a mix between a Linkin Park video and the opening credits to a James Bond movie, the trailer teases rather than informs. No gameplay footage is shown, but there is however a rocking sound track and very attractive visuals, so this trailer has definitely peaked our interest once more.

There is still no firm release date for the title. All we know so far is that the we can expect it in NA and the EU at some point in 2015. What do you think of the trailer? Will you be picking up a copy next year? Let us know in the comments section!

  • nonscpo

    Yes OMFG yes, we need more games like Zero Escape and Dangan Ronpa, its so nice to have a game to look forward to next year even though I have a mountain of games currently in my backlog; Cause you know Vita’s got no games…Lol.