To celebrate the launch of Frozen Synapse Prime this week, we have teamed up with the team at Double Eleven to give some of our readers the chance to win a copy!

To be in with a chance to win a NA copy of the futuristic turn based shooter you simply have to post your PSN ID in the comments below, and at 3PM GMT on Wednesday 24th I will select FOUR lucky winners at random and send you the code over PSN. For readers with EU accounts, make sure you check back tomorrow!

I will have a review for you later this week, and if you want to find out more about the game make sure you check out the official website!

You must have a NA PSN ID and may only enter once.
Anyone associated with The Vita Lounge may not enter.
Four winners will be selected at random from the comments below at 1500 GMT on Wednesday 24th September 2015.

Many thanks to Double eleven for giving us the codes, make sure you give them a follow on Twitter!

Good luck and thanks for entering – and if you haven’t already seen it have a watch of the launch trailer below.

  • APA

    Awesome!!!!! My PSN ID is APA_ZAROZO!

  • Richlando_FFXIV

    PSN Richlando

  • KenB670

    kenb6870 is my gamer tag, PSN ID, and Wii

  • Jason Anazco

    PSN ID: MooImaChicken

  • gamezalv

    Woah this is awesome!!

    PSN ID: alv_101argand

    *fingers crossed*

  • Miguel Herasme Mejia

    Psn ID: Ryuxo-San

    I usualy have a super bad luck but… no harm in trying xD

    • William Santos

      That’s what we call: SAL!!!!!

  • William Santos

    Psn Id: Will_ASJ

  • vongruetz .

    PSN: vongr- oh wait. I’m not eligible. Good luck everyone else!

  • Kevin Aaronson

    PSN: yak_sak

  • dlosnkl

    Psn i.d – DLOSNKL

  • Alex_Connolly


    Good luck, everyone!

  • vrfm87

    PSN ID: Malkavilis

  • Pierre Bouchet

    Psn ID: USA_Nexus5

  • Brandon Gibbs

    PSN ID: GStylez1980

  • HassanJamal

    PSN: BushLovesOsama

  • AndrewStreet

    Psn: whoyoujivin. So excited

  • Frank Castillo

    PSN ID: kiobah

    This game gimme a feel of MGS1

  • Evandro

    PSN id is MassaBR

    Congrats to Double Eleven on what looks like another fantastic Vita release.

  • Wesker

    I have bad luck in these things.
    Psn ID:Wezker20

  • Lester Paredes

    Awesome! Thanks Double Eleven. My psn ID is LPHeroLine. Here’s hoping I win!

  • A Parker

    Awesome, I love new vita titles!
    PSN: HikariHohenheim

  • nestor de los santos

    I’ve never won anything in this kinds of topics but this game looks awesone
    PSN ID: zero_nestor

  • Okam

    PSN: Dandere_

    Thank you!

  • frankzero

    Psn ID: frankzeroRD
    reminds me mgs

  • BRS25



  • Nick Geo

    Love what you guys are doing with this site. No other site is this dedicated and useful for PSVITA information. I don’t usually play strategy games but Frozen Synapse Prime looks awesome!

  • Samson

    i’ve been waiting on this for the Vita for awhile now! lezzzzzgo!!!!!!!!!!!

    PSN: mrNastyTyme13

  • nonscpo

    Once again I’ll skip the contest giveaway, however I do wish everybody involved the best of luck!

  • TyRossHall

    PSN: TyRossHall

    Just picked up a Vita so I figured I should give this a go!

  • Jorge Fernandez Santiago

    Awesome! Youre great!
    PSN ID: Jorgeman7931

  • Kalash

    Psn: kx71

  • Rachel Haslam

    Awesome giveaway, been looking forward to playing this for ages so crossing fingers and toes! PSN ID is rejacksonus

  • ryan

    Thanks for the contest. ID is intvgene.

  • incpdo

    Excellent. I never get anything but here goes nothing! Psn id : incpdo

  • Ian Blanco

    Thanks for the shot at winning this!

  • Peter Zem Zega

    Psn id: darkzem360

  • yssf

    I have been waiting for this game.
    My psn id : football-yssf
    Thank you

  • VitaRG

    PSN id – VitaRG

  • Volken

    Volken_us !

  • steven1212121212

    PSN: steven1212121212

    This’ll go nicely with Velocity 2X.

  • PintSizedPurple

    PSN ID: PintSizedPurple

  • El Casual


  • El Casual

    42 comments in a post!!. :p

  • Marcos Codas

    Awesome! This game looks fantastic, so here goes it:. My PSN name is “idillicah”.

  • Juston

    PSN SmeggingSpaceBum

  • SarcasticPersona

    I have been addicted to Sword Art Online so this will be a nice change of pace.

  • Guest

    PSN: Bruin54_

  • XtemmA2

    PS ID: XtemmA2
    wahoo! roll the dice.

  • Robert Backland

    PSN: gus_xl
    There can be only four.

  • Abdaluzez

    I might be lucky this time’
    PSN ID: HardcorQ8

  • Daniel Doran

    PSN: DanTheManIAm

  • Eduardo


  • baconcow

    PSN ID: baconcow1812
    I hope I get lucky! Thanks!

  • Alyster

    ill give it a shot Mist_King

  • Dunsparsley

    Why not?
    PSNID: JF005

  • Maqhusson

    My PSN ID is husson196

    Anyways, the game looks great, had my eye on this game for a while.

  • Marcus Blackstock


  • JanDXFan

    PSN: JanDXFan September 24, 2015!!!! I hope it’s worth the wait!!!

  • Glósóli

    PSN: Glosoli_2353

  • Jeannette Lagunes

    Thanks for the opportunity guys.
    PSN ID: TriCkot851

  • Rajey

    PSN ID : Rajey4

  • Max

    PSN ID: papadosio_smurf

  • Gregg Willis

    PSN ID: greggsidski


    Psn Id: Deviljho akuma

  • Hopefully squeezing in just before the deadline – looks good, really pleased to see some Vita love from British devs! PSN ID: Etharius

  • Jurge Cruz

    PSN: superherojar26

  • Reza Kazmi

    Good luck!

    PSN ID: rezakazmi

  • Mark Anthony Manuel

    Good luck!
    PSN: toink004

  • ExcaliburEdge

    PSN id: ExcaliburEdge
    Game looks interesting

  • Americo Alvarenga

    PSN ID: eternal_76

    I’m excited!

  • Moebius

    PSN ID: MebiusUS

    Good luck to everyone else who participate in it. This is great game.

  • PSN ID: Kijof. Hope I win 😀

  • Andre

    PSN ID: Darthmaul1309

  • Jeremy Winterburn

    Deicide_73 I would love a copy of this. Been watching & waiting for its release.

  • Rene Tetrault

    Been looking forward to this.
    PSN ID – Circuitburnout

  • Curtis


  • Magnumstache

    PSN ID: TCsChopper

  • Gundato

    Might as well.

    PSN: Gundato

  • Ryan

    What the hey

    PSN ID: ElecRei

  • John Junior

    Hey there, PSN ID: C0pyCatter

  • John Junior

    Not sure my first entry posted so here’s my PSN ID: C0pyCatter

  • mtk93

    I would love this game. My PSN ID is mtk93

  • hongkongbeef

    PSN ID: HongKongBeef

  • Jonathan Townsend

    PSN ID: JonTownsend183

  • The competition is over and our winners are ExcaliburEdge, MassaBR, C0pycatter and niktig183. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy Frozen Synapse Prime! Check your messages on PSN, the one from PMurphy1978 (me) has your code in it!

    Thanks to everyone who entered, stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for all your Vita news and more competitions in the future!