The sequel to Code: Embryo has a new preview trailer from Arc System Works, showing off some of the characters and a metaphor for the theme of the game.

Featuring a new female protagonist called “Nobody”, this new piece of the BlazBlue universe and continuation of Code: Embryo is still shrouded in mystery – though since Touya’s involved there’s definitely got to be some connection back to the first game or his abilities.

Since we don’t know much, why not just take a look at the trailer?

XBlaze Lost: Memories is set to release in Japan during the Summer of 2015, with no word yet on localization.

  • nonscpo

    Uhm Kyle this video needs a NSFW tag, thank god nobody around me noticed me watching this trailer.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      What’s the problem? Nothing you can see here you wouldn’t see on the red carpet coverage at the Emmy’s.

      • nonscpo

        Uhm okay if you say so!

  • VERY Arc System Works! Cool guys though, I got to visit their office and do an interview – we gave Daisuke Ishiwatari and Toshimichi Mori a Queen album signed by all 4 members of the band and they went nuts ^_^

  • Karl Smith

    Only problem, Europe still has yet to get the first one yet so probably it will skip Europe once again.