Sony Computer Entertainment Japan recently revealed some new details on the upcoming update for Freedom Wars. Update 1.20, the second major update for the game, will allow players to engage in PvP battles.

The PvP battles will feature up to eight players as well as their Accessory partners for a total of 16 characters per match.

A second major feature of the update revolves around Ideology Fights where the main goal will be for players to obtain as many Amnesty Points as possible, but not much information is currently available on it yet.

More details will come out as the update gets set to release in October. As a reminder, Freedom Wars is scheduled to be released in the North America on October 28th and in Europe on the 29th digitally with the full retail version being available on October 31st.

  • Phelan

    Chu Chu! Hype Train is coming! Grab my hand and get on board! Onward to the glory of gaming!

    Just pre-ordered my copies of Freedom War today 🙂 Finally on Amazon the info about bonuses was reveled. But damn… SCEE does so little to advertise this game. It is not even available to buy in my country :/ really not a single shop was contacted by publisher in my country. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was available only in UK (I mean in whole EU region)

    Huh… at this point I wouldn’t really be surprised if game sold like a crap :/ I mean… how can publisher do so little for his own game?! First it was supposed to be digital only… and than retail… but it’s hard to even get.

    With GBP expensive as hell, and high delivery fee… it is bloody expensive… even with that “low” price


    • Ichigo Yoite

      I’ve preordered it on the german amazon site. Goes for 29,99€

      • Phelan

        Hmm? Where it is?

        After seeing your reply, I started wondering that maybe I should order it from german amazon… but I can’t find it there… the only Freedom Wars there is JP import:

        Also checked Tales of Hearts R (as I also ordered it from but it seems that it is cheaper on UK store. If you are intertested in game be sure to pre-order it, there is supposed to be “draw” and you might win JP collector edition 🙂

        • Ichigo Yoite

          Hey 🙂 I’ve already preordered Tales of Hearts – thx for the Info!! 😀

          It’s strange with Freedom Wars on the German Amazon if you search for it you won’t find it…but if you look at the upcoming vita games it’s there:

          Please be aware that it states: Screen Text: German / Manual: German.

          I don’t know if that is a german only edition? (I don’t think so though!)

          • Phelan

            Oh right…. and there is nothing on that page 😛

            No info about DLC for day-1 no cover picture. But it seems like safe page, after all it is Amazon

            Manual?! Baaah! those things still exist? Not for Vita 🙂 Still all in all seems bit cheaper than ordering from UK… but I will play safe with this one.

            Anyway for Tales more info:

            Other shops in Germany also have pre-order for Freedom Wars?

          • Ichigo Yoite

            Hm haven’t seen it in other stores yet tbh – I’ll post it here when I find something.

            The Amazon site always looks like this here when they just recently added a new item. They will update it soon 🙂 I guess the extra dlc will be included too!

            Hm there’s nothing about this “draw” on the amazon UK page?! (Nothing on the german page either so… you think we will be included in this?)

          • Phelan

            “In UK, the #TalesOf Hearts R Pre-order DLC will only be available at GAME, Amazon UK, Shopto, The Hut and Zavvi!”


            “Clarification: the preorder is at participating retailers but the Day1
            (three Vesperia costumes & unique CE draw) is inside all boxes!”

            It is hard to understand them. But I think that this “draw” is like coupon. At least I hope so, and Bandai Namco have many events just for UK citizens. :/ that was the case with Xillia 2.

            But I asked on their community page, let’s wait for answear.


            (btw if you are interested in cool stuff please take a look at this:

            Vita version is very probable)

          • Ichigo Yoite

            k I’ve found some german pages which state that the soma link edition will be available not only in UK but in the whole EU. I wonder how high the chances are to win one of the few collectors editions ^^; Still a good thing if it really hits the whole EU.

            That kickstarted project looks interesting – crazy but definitely worth my time 😉

            And btw that Freedom wars preorder DLC looks incredible I’d hate to miss out on it….I’ll keep my eyes open for the amazon germany page update…if they don’t include it I may consider the UK too -.-

  • Mauricio Quintero

    This is what Soul Sacrifice needs!

    • José Juan Regalado