We are big fans of OlliOlli and the chaps down at Roll 7 and it was a great privilege to be at their New Cross studio a couple of weeks ago to get some hands on with Olli Olli 2: Welcome to Olliwood, which they just announced at EGX yesterday. In addition to embarrassing myself with how rubbish I am at their game (as well as picking up a few tips on how to be play better and build multipliers) I asked them a little bit about the new game, and what they thought about the PS Vita.

It’s great to see you guys developing new games for the Vita, what appeals most to you about the hardware?
It’s the ultimate handheld! The processing power (not that we push it that hard!) and the sticks make it the perfect console for your pocket…

The performance of the Vita is well documented. As a developer for the platform does this concern you? Or has OlliOlli and Cross Buy initiatives given you confidence that your titles can be successful?
To be honest we have seen amazing sales performance through the VITA, possibly because we were an exclusive. We are still seeing good sales, not as strong as PS4 obviously, but definitely stronger than PS3…

If you could change one thing about the Vita, what would it be?
Rumble, it would just add that final touch!

We have spoken before about your OlliOlli pitch to Sony and that your were advised to go down that path. Are you glad you did? What advice would you give to others that were also looking at this route?
Totally glad we did! I guess just ensure that what you make really utilises the Vitas features, not for gimmicky reasons, but to genuinely complement your game…

A sequel to OlliOlli is great news, what made you think you wanted to revisit it so quickly?
Well OlliOlli1 has been out for 8 months already (and was finished 10 months ago) so for us it seems a long while ago that we were working on it! We love OlliOlli, but there is SO much more we wanted to do with the game – seeing countless reviews and playthroughs over 2014 has fired us up to make an epic sequel! In fact John (Robbins, Creative Director Roll 7) was so frothed up with the idea for OlliOlli2 : Welcome to Olliwood that he pretty much sat us down and pitched it to us while the final Sony TRCs were going through back in November 2013.

What can fans expect to see from this new version?
This is the ultimate OlliOlli, with a whole new art style, cleaner lines and stunningly detailed new player animations, there are sweet additions to the much praised combo system, ramps, epic hills, multi route levels – basically tons of ways for you to get into that ‘flow state’ and nail the perfect run…

OlliWood Screen

Will there be any multiplayer?
Yes, we have a split screen mode for local 4 player called combo rush (on the PS4) – but more on that later on in development! (The Vita is set to feature Ad-Hoc multiplayer.)

Your other upcoming title (Not a Hero) features different characters with different skills, would you think of having a similar mechanic in OlliOlli2?
OlliOlli is ALL about that one skater, that faceless dude that you can imagine as yourself… The way that the game works means that having different characters with different speeds / jumps / tricks etc would be pretty much impossible to build levels for that really worked…

John and Simon annohncing OlliOlli2

There was a great amount of replay value in the first title, how do you think you can improve on that this time?
This version has so many more ways that a player can max out on a run – and so many more paths to each level – to truly master OlliOlli2 you are going to need to step your game up from what you already know!

Not all of us are very good at OlliOlli (including me) do you have any tips and will OlliOlli 2 be more gentle to newcomers or skateboarding amateurs?
Well, more on this soon – but there will be a Skatepark where players can learn the basics and ride on more chilled out levels, just remember to pack your helmet though – you will still slam on your face!

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is set to release in 2015 and we will be sure to bring you more news as we have it. If you are at EGX this weekend, you can play an early build on the PS4.

  • EG

    Great interview, so excited for this game (just a quick note, I believe it’s OlliOlli: Welcome to OlliWood……not DeadWood!!)

    • Well spotted, my spell check seems to have corrected it. Incorrectly. 😛

  • sand

    Hi Paul
    I said hi to you at the expoon Thursday! Really looking forward to this game and great that they announced it at the expo.

    I was pretty disappointed by the lack of vita love from Sony. Only 2 units one with minecraft and one big fest. I was hoping to try freedom wars. What did you think of their vita showing