The creator of classic horror adventure series Clock Tower, Hifumi Kouno, has returned with his studio Nude Maker and has announced that development has commenced on a new horror franchise.

Titled Project Scissors and said to be the spiritual successor to Clock Tower, the game takes place on a luxury cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. As the ship charters its course across the ocean a series of gruesome and mysterious murders take place. With these unexplainable deaths happening to members on board the ship including the crew, the ship is soon adrift at sea. You will play a passenger who is trapped on the ship and will be tasked with solving the mystery behind the deaths and ensuring that both you and the ‘innocent’ passengers survive.

Project Scissors is being worked on by well known Japanese talent such as Masahiro Ito, a prop designer who designed the creatures in Silent Hill, and Takashi Shimizu, known for directing films such as The Grudge and the Ju-on series, who is the game’s creative producer.

It has been announced that other well known Japanese talent will be working on Project Scissors, with the line-up to be revealed in future announcements.

With no release date set for this title, keep an eye on The Vita Lounge for all announcements regarding Project Scissors.

  • Lester Paredes

    Sounds awesome. I could use another atmospheric horror game.