Kadokawa Game Studio has gotten a bit more specific with their release window for KanColle Kai, bringing it in line with other projects under the umbrella.

KanColle Kai (also known as The Kantai Collection) is a popular card game where Japanese miltary ships are represented by female characters. It has blown up into a mixed-media series with releases available or slated in the manga, anime, and gaming fields.

This brings us to the item of most note to us here at TVL; the PlayStation Vita game originally slated to release this year. Bumped once before to a vague “2015” date, Kadokawa Games has now narrowed the window to “Spring 2015” – putting the release in line with the tail end of the anime which begins in January.

Look for more on KanColle Kai as we start to close in on that Spring 2015 window, but that’s all for now!

  • nonscpo

    Like any japanese games it woud be wonderful to see it localized!

  • Lester Paredes

    A card game? Could be interesting.