Kyle already mentioned it in the monthly PlayStation Plus post but for those that didn’t read it or don’t have PlayStation Plus we can reveal that Pix the Cat will be launching next week.

Developed by French Studio Pastagames, the game is an “intense arcade game designed to make your pads sore” and Nadim from the Paris based team took to the PlayStation Blog to explain more about the game’s nostalgia mode.

“Everything in the Nostalgia mode — gameplay, art, music, etc. — is inspired by something from the past that we love. The gameplay gives nods to snake, the art draws on early animated cartoons, and the music sports the jangling melodies of ragtime!

We took these references, shook them up in a vintage cocktail shaker, and poured out a cloudy mixture, something we think looks like us. The result is a game that feels familiar but is always ready to surprise you!

This mode plays like Snake but with a few twists. Collect the target number of ducklings to win. Succeed before the Goat chomps the Flower to get the “bonus.” Don’t run into a wall, get stuck inside your tail, or collide with a baddie, or it’s game over.

The many levels offer a variety of thrills and pleasures that blend into a kind of adventure. Some levels last a couple of seconds and only require a few moves. Some are about being consistent in collecting a tonne of ducklings in your tail without crashing. Others are tiny ant-farms in which you need to collect only a few eggs but getting there is the tough part! And of course there are many more which I’ll leave for you to unravel…”

We will bring you more news on pricing (for those without Plus) as we have it, in the meantime we have a few screens below for you. Have you been looking forward to this?

  • Buckybuckster

    Nostalgia mode looks pretty awesome. I hope that’s the actual BGM and not placeholder as it fits the setting perfectly. Really looking forward to this one!