Good news; those rascals at Sony have actually slipped some hidden improvements into the v3.30 firmware update, and themes are finally up!

The official change-log included with the update reads like this;

  • [Theme & Background] has been added to [Settings]. You can download your favorite themes and customize the PS Vita/PS TV.
  • You can now check the rarity of trophies.
  • You can now attach and send events created in [Calendar] to [Messages] and [Email]. Recipients can save those events in their own calendars.
  • You can now add Friends and other players to events created in [Calendar].
  • The name of the VTE-1000 series has been changed to “PlayStation TV”.
  • A maximum of 4 wireless controllers can be connected to the PS TV. The number of players depends on the game or application.

That wasn’t all that was updated however, as it was immediately clear to some users that there were some hidden improvements not mentioned in the official notes. After digging a bit deeper the following discoveries have been made;

  • The PlayStation Vita’s web browser now supports closing all open tabs (in the tabs menu press “…” and choose “close all windows”)
  • Improvements to the browser’s ability to load pages and compatibility with HTML5/Javascript content have been made (according to benchmark site, the PlayStation Vita’s browser has gone from a score of 291 prior to the v3.30 firmware update to a much higher 345 post-update)
  • The Calendar app’s LiveArea tile now gives you a preview of the next six events upcoming in your schedule.
  • You can link colours to specific days in the Calendar app (ie; Mondays can always be red to remind you it’s back to school/work)
  • PS4 Remote Play now supports two players at the same time
  • The addition of Bluetooth Keyboard support for languages other English and Japanese
  • Additional time zones have been added

As for themes, they’re now live in North America – with the following non-gaming themes currently available via the PlayStation Store;

The Four Seasons theme originally announced to be available today is nowhere to be found as of this writing, but we’ll keep an eye out for it and update this post when it goes live.

What do you think of this sneakily improved update, and the currently available themes?

Give them a try and throw us a comment below.

Update; The Four Seasons theme is now live as well, and was added to the list.

  • Do the themes have their own section within the store?

  • Hsmioe

    I’m still waiting for the four seasons theme, but I’ve tried out the other two. The stitching one has pretty awesome system music. Personally though, I don’t like the look of fabric icons. The crystal one also has pretty good system music. I think it looks better than the stitching one.

  • Lester Paredes

    That’s cool. The themes had better be awesome, as I’ve got some great pictures as my backgrounds, so make me great and I’ll give you some cash, Sony.

  • argetlam1993

    Is it possible to customize game icon? Specifically those psp and ps1 game ugly icons

    • aros

      Sadly, no.

  • ImperatorA3

    Another hidden update: Intellectual Property Notices have been added to game bubbles (hold touch screen and press the options button)

  • aros

    I can’t find the themes, have any other EU players had this problem?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Use the search function. 😉