Colin brought you the news on the Kickstarter title Sanctum Polis in early September and although the game still needs some funding over the next 17 days to meet its target, it has lowered the PS Vita stretch goal from $120,000 to $75,000.

The game’s Kickstarter explains the title as “a 32-bit Role Playing Game where the main character Caxton finds himself thrown into Solaris Notre University. Founded as a religious reform school, SNU takes in wayward youths from across Diurne in order to reforge them into the service of Solaris the Sun Goddess as clergy.

The university exists in two refurbished castles, one housing the male students, the other the female. Here, Caxton joins a group of students trying to escape, Silent Uproar. It is here that Caxton finds he has the ability to invade dreams, which leads to the discovery of secrets hidden deep within the school.

Sanctum Polis takes influence from old school rpg’s such as: Persona, Suikoden, and Final Fantasy. We even took some psychological, survival horror elements from games such as Silent Hill. Many of these elements come into play as Caxton investigates with the world around him. As he interacts with other characters, dialogue options will require the player to choose how they want Caxton to be. Seemingly innocent at times, these discussion will ultimately have an impact on how the storyline plays out.”

Have you contributed yet or do you like the look of Sanctum Polis? We will keep you updated with any Vita progress.

Sanctum Polis Stretch Goals

  • Buckybuckster

    Hmmm….seems more 16bit than 32. Kinda needs a bit more polish and flair. A lot of high quality retro RPG’s are heading to the Vita, so the developers will really have to tighten things up to grab and hold on to my attention.