The three main heroes from Secret of Mana are coming back in the free-to-play game Rise of Man, and this time they emerge in glorious 3D.

Randi, Primm, and Popol were mere 2D sprites the last time we encountered them back on the SNES, but Square Enix has decided to add another dimension to these admirable heroes.

Square Enix is bringing the three heroes from Secret of Mana back for a Rise of Mana crossover. Randi (the boy), Primm (the girl in love with Dyluck), and Popol (the sprite) were drawn in 2D, but Rise of Mana brings them into the third dimension. Check out the trailer to see what a dramatic difference an extra dimension can make. It starts off showing the old, traditional 2D character models before having them burst through in 3D glory.

Rise of Mana is an action RPG that is currently available on Android and iOS devices in Japan but will soon be making the transition to the PS Vita. With a steady stream of new content, it appears as though the game is doing quite well for Square Enix, and hopefully it will continue to do so after it comes to Sony’s handheld.

The game will be available to PS Vita owners in Japan this fall, but there is still no word on a Western release.