The PlayStation Blog has just let us know when to expect the retail version of The Walking Dead: Season Two in North America – and it’s not too far off at all.

Laura Percuso from Telltale Games has taken to the PlayStation Blog today to announce that come November 4th, you’ll be able to pick up a retail version of The Walking Dead: Season Two in North America.

Continuing the story-line set up by Season One (and integrating the 400 Days DLC into the plot as well), Season Two of the series follows our young protagonist Clementine out of the cement and structure of civilization and out into the wilderness – in more ways than just literally.

If you’ve played Season One all the way through, check out my review of Season Two for a better idea of what to expect (no spoilers included, promise) 😉

Once this releases we’ll be all set for Season Three – right, guys?

  • darkknezz

    i thought the store telling was fantastic regardless of the technical hiccups season 1 had. I hope they improved those issues with this one. I will have to grab it to see where the story goes.