When I bought my Vita in May 2012 there was very little mainstream Vita coverage. There were quite a few Vita fansites already, but in terms of coverage and reviews there was very little out there for Vita owners to enjoy. I found this incredibly strange and as such, I created The Vita Lounge just two months later. I wanted to post the odd bit of news and cover the Vita games I owned so at least there were more reviews for others to find.

Little did I know then that I would be creating something that over two years later would have as much content as it does. Today we celebrate passing 3000 news posts, a massive milestone and a testament to the fact that there is Vita news out there. Whether it be store updates, articles, new game information or reviews we have consistently provided quality coverage to the platform since our inception. Along the way we have amassed more than 220 Native Vita reviews, which is the largest collection of for the system online. Because of our effort with the system and the effort we put into our reviews we have this week been accepted onto Metacritic, which is an amazing achievement and a testament to the hard work put in by my team of dedicated and passionate Vita fans.

Much of that is down to my current team, and thanks to their efforts we are currently seeing record traffic growth. A third of the total posts on the site are down to Kyle alone, a massive feat and Kyle is very much the heartbeat of the site. Without your dedication we would not be where we are. I really appreciate what you have done, dude. The rest of my current team are flying, so many thanks to Charlie, Brad, Bas, Tyler, Marcus and Colin. Thanks also goes to Yuuki, running in the background and covering the obscure stuff that nobody else wants to do! Without you guys there is no site, I really appreciate everything. Something like this really isn’t a one man show.

Thanks must also go to those who have come before, to Jasper and Matt, the first contributors to the team and who really helped in the beginning. To Jon, who made my reviews look incredibly poor and really started to give some quality to the site. To Brian, who steadied the ship when it needed it most and made valuable contribution to getting the Podcast running, as well as a crazy posting record. To Rhys, James, Shawn and Daniel and anyone else that has made fleeting contributions to the site over the last two years. Even smaller contributions have made a difference.

The site also wouldn’t be where it is without the support of these in the gaming industry. There are too many people to name drop in here, but every single one of you and your PR teams have been amazing. The passion you have for your games and for the Vita is incredible and we have forged some great relationships along the way and hope to continue to build many more over the coming years and continue to give exposure to your Vita content.

The final round of appreciation goes to you. Yes, you, reading this. Every visit you make, every tweet you send, every post you put on the forum really makes a difference. We do this for YOU. Your support, your needs, we aim to fill those every day. It often goes unnoticed that this is also a Vita fan site. We are not mainstream, we do not do this for a profit, we run the site to bring the news to other like-minded passionate Vita owners and will continue to do so until we are not needed anymore. It’s an incredible privilege to be in the position we are and your support drives us to improve the coverage that we bring.

However, we want more. We want more coverage, more reviews, more articles, and more competitions. We have only just scratched the surface of what we can achieve and we want to reach a bigger audience. Despite the large number of visitors we have had, there are so many more Vita owners that do not know about us, or what is available. We need you to help us find these Vita players! We also want your feedback. What you like, and what you don’t like. We can only improve and offer more by taking on board any thoughts and criticisms you have.

We can be followed on Twitter, on Facebook and we have a YouTube channel. We record a weekly Podcast which has 44 episodes currently – nobody has a longer running Vita cast than us! It’s available on iTunes or Podbean. If you love what we do please spend a minute giving us a like/follow/rate as it will really make a difference.

Thanks again to everyone for making The Vita Lounge what it is, and here’s to the next 3000 posts!

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Paul founded The Vita Lounge and is the Executive Editor, but still likes to get involved with the odd piece of news or a review. 35 years young and gaming since 1990, he has a preference for Action/RPG games, Shooters, Racing Games (despite ironically not being able to drive!) and quite partial to a game of FIFA.
  • Mauricio Quintero

    Congrats, and thanks!

  • Lester Paredes


    I know things aren’t always easy, and us here in the peanuts gallery sometimes get into really heated debates over nothing, but I can guarantee you that we all appreciate all the work everyone here has done for the Vita community.

  • steven1212121212

    Congrats! I’ve been checking here for PS Vita news every week and I really like it.

  • nonscpo

    Keep up the good news and well keep coming!

  • SarcasticPersona

    I am glad to have found this place. It has been a great source of news and a light of hope shining in a tunnel filled with internet trolls and uninformed 12 year olds who seem to believe there are no fans of this console and believe that it is dead.

  • BDawg

    Congratulations, and thanks for all the great coverage and reporting! I make sure to drop by this site ever day or two. 🙂

  • Shay Batty

    Seriously, congratulations! When I stumbled upon this site not very long ago even, I was beyond excited to find people that are so passionate and dedicated to the Vita. Everything you guys do makes a difference to all the Vita fans and I couldn’t be any more grateful for all of your hard work! So thank you for everything that you guys do and I look forward to seeing what’s to come in the future!

  • Buckybuckster

    Thanx to Murphy and crew for all of the work and effort that goes into making the site what it is! You all are truly a beacon of light for the Vita true believers out there!