If you’re wondering what PlayStation Vita games are set to release before the end of the year you’ve come to the right place.

Hello PlayStation Vita users, developers, publishers, and those who’ve simply stumbled upon our site out of blind curiosity – we’ve got something to show you with regards to the amazing games coming in the fourth quarter.

Over the last twenty months or so, I’ve compiled a “master list” of titles that are due out for PlayStation Vita (as well as including those already released); this list has served as a reminder of what’s to come for me and many others on the forum – receiving thousands of views since it was posted in its current location. The only thing is, a list is only so good without some context.

Our media manager Tyler and I have collected a bunch of trailers and gameplay video for some of the standout games currently announced for Vita release in Q4, and have molded them into a five minute long hype montage.

While we tried to include a lot of games in the above video, the list of shown titles certainly doesn’t include everything that could possibly release this year; the full picture when it comes to releases can be found by visiting the “A Complete List of PlayStation Vita Games” thread on the forum.

Until next time, keep playing those Vitas guys!

  • Steve

    I’m really not bothered about watching a video montage; I much prefer your written monthly previews of games that are due to be released, please stick to those 😀

  • darkknezz

    Freedom Wars das it baby

  • BRS25

    Great video!

  • SarcasticPersona

    Great video dudes, but quick question. Would you recommend buying Samurai Warriors 4 to someone who hasnt played the previous ones?

    • aros

      Do you like Dynasty Warriors?

      • SarcasticPersona

        Yeah I’ve never played Dynasty Warriors exactly but I’ve played games of that kind. For example, Ninety Nine Nights and One Piece Pirate Warriors.

        • aros

          If you liked other musou you would probably like SW, they are all similar.

  • nonscpo

    Oh yeah Senran Kagura is coming and a double whammy at that!

  • Bruno Bttg Dnz Plhn

    I wonder what happened to Teslagrad. Is it not coming to PS Vita anymore?

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Last I heard we’ve got no solid release window, but it’s still coming.

  • Risarovi

    Thanks for the video!

  • Buckybuckster

    Thanx for the video update! Pretty decent Q4 for me personally. Keeping my fingers crossed for some nice surprises mixed in too.

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