Rollers of the Realm, a pinball RPG from Phantom Compass, is scheduled to be released next month and the developers have released a new video which highlights how you will use pinball mechanics to solve puzzles.

Each of the characters in the game will be associated with a different ball that will vary in size and abilities. Players will have to utilize each of the different characters special abilities in order to make it through each stage. This might mean using the Rogue to sneak into tight corners or to use the Knight to knock down walls. It will take a combination of the different characters to successfully advance in the game.

Aside from their size, characters will also have special capabilities that will set them apart from each other. For example, the Rogue has the ability to call upon a canine partner who can help her dispatch enemies quickly. She also has the ability to steal gold from the villagers. Meanwhile the drunken Knight will be able to block gutter areas and prevent other characters from falling in. Then there’s the healer who will have the power to bring lost characters back into the game.

Another RPG element that has been added to the game is the inclusion of treasure chests. These chests will be scattered throughout the different levels, and players will have to skillfully collect the key in order to unlock them. The reward for opening them will be either gold or even an upgrade for your character.

Rollers of the Realm is scheduled to be released in November for the PS Vita and PS4. It will be cross-save and cross-buy for only $9.99.

  • Devin Hudson

    I was already excited for the game, but this video makes me even more excited for it. I love regular pinball, but I’m glad to see a more video gamey-type of pinball game finally hit the Vita.

  • Buckybuckster

    A definite Odama (thanx Lester!!) with this one. Great price too.

  • Risarovi

    It looks interesting, actually. I do not play a pinball game centuries ago.