It was revealed in a recent PlayStation Blog post that a new Network Media Player app will soon be available for both the PS Vita and the new PlayStation TV. This will allow you to connect your Vita to a media server over a network. The news was featured in a post concerning the capabilities of the upcoming PlayStation TV.

According to the blog post:

“The Network Media Player can be used to view photos and stream music and videos from a media server located on your home network. You can also copy photos, music and video files from the media server to your system. Further details about this app will be shared at a later date.”

Currently, Vita owners are able to stream and copy media content with a PC using the Content Manager Assistant program that needs to be installed on the PC.

Oddly, there is no mention of the app coming to North America. Despite the NA post being a near-duplicate of the EU one, all mention of the Network Media Player app has been removed. It gets even odder when you consider that, in regards to streaming media from a server, the NA post bluntly says, “No, the PS TV system does not support client functionality for media servers.”  This is in contradiction to the EU site which states, “The Network Media Player (coming soon to PS TV and PS Vita) can be used to access media servers over a network.” Both answers were given after being asked if PS TV would support media servers.

And while the post was PS TV specific, the Vita was mentioned as receiving the app in Europe. Hopefully this is just an oversight and that the app will be heading to PS Vitas in every region in the near future.

Streaming app EU

The EU post mentioning the Network Media Player app

Streaming app NAThe NA post has no mention of the app

  • jpelgrom

    Let’s hope it integrates with the current videos app. SRT support would also be great!

  • argetlam1993

    Do anyone know why such a difference exists? digital content should be the same for both NA and EU, yet there still cases like this such as the Persona 2: eternal punishment

  • Danny Silvester

    I’m waiting on media apps to come to the EU we have nothing!

  • Slizarus

    I was really excited.. until you mentioned that it’s not announced for NA… QQ 🙁

    • vongruetz .

      It’s a mystery for NA right now. I can’t imagine something this big only coming out in the EU. But as it is, I already stream music, movies, and photos from my PC using the Content Manager, so having a dedicated app, while nice, isn’t a necessity for me at the moment.

  • nonscpo

    Any improvements are always welcomed!

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