Koei Tecmo Europe has taken to the Twitterverse tonight to reveal the Western release of Atelier Ayesha Plus.

Here’s the tweet in full;

Dual audio you say? If you’re a purist like me you’ll opt for the original Japanese, but I know there’s also those who prefer English so it’s good to have the choice.

Of note is the fact that as of this writing the game hasn’t been announced for release by the US branch of Koei Tecmo – however given how they work and their track record for releasing these games in both North America and Europe (as well as being very stealth about it), I’d say it’s a good bet we’ll hear word confirming┬áthat release too.

Update! – That was quick, a second tweet confirms a North American release as well;

The first in the “Dusk” series of Atelier games and the fourth Atelier game to be released on Vita, Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk is heading our way digitally this January – are you excited?

  • Timberman

    BEYOND Excitede!

  • Phelan

    On PS Store…

    meh… another digital only…. I have whole previous trilogy, but I will probably skip this one unless they will release it properly.

    • gamezalv

      However this is one of the few guys who support the vita extensively. So I’ll support them back by picking this up. + I enjoy the atelier games :p

      • Phelan

        That is why I bought Deception IV (game is a OK)

        Well… I feel that they would get more customers if they would release Atelier instead of Dynasty Wariors… but dunno, what do you think? I personally don’t like that Dynasty series, so I might be biased but I think that Atelier would really grab more customers.

        • Johnathan Pompey

          I doubt it. the Warriors franchise despite being a niche title in NA has a decent fan base here. There are several different versions of the series for people to choose from (Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, One Piece Pirate Warriors, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, etc) Therefore ceasing to localize those games would not only be bad from a business standpoint, but it would alienate Koei Tecmo’s fan base here. With the release of Hyrule Warriors, there’s been a large group of people,kids and adults alike, looking to try out more games in the Warriors series because they had fun with the title. So that said, it’s a very good idea for them to keep bringing over the Warriors series from a business standpoint.

          Unfortunately, as of 2014 the Atelier is to obscure to western audiences for it to be a system seller. I personally enjoy it and there are plenty more like me, but speaking objectively, cutting out all the different games in the Warriors franchise in favor of a less popular title would bring forth a huge cut in profit. On top of that, we’d see less games on the vita which is never a good thing. If the Atelier series really was capable of bringing in a larger audience, it would’ve done so already. There are plenty more people who purchased a vita because they were able to play a full-fledged warriors game on the go. (something the fans have wanted for a long time).

          • Phelan

            But is it really that popular in NA?

            I mean… all I hear in Europe about Dynasty Warriors is how bad or average series is. Really I don’t know IRL single person who says good thing about that series. I know even few people who refused to buy Zelda Hyrule Warriors because it is yet another game from Warriors series instead of being good old Zelda. And I’m not joking here, really. On metacrtic game has only 74 points, that’s really low for a Zelda game. And most of times people complain about how ~warriorish is that game.

            On the other hand I know quite a few people who loves Atelier series, that’s why I’m wondering how much truth there is in that statement. I would really say that Atelier is more popular than Dynasty Warriors… And let’s not forget that Atelier doesn’t get as much spotlight as Dynasty Warriors. But I can’t say for sure without seeing data. So yeah, I’m not saying that as some kind of dogma…. rather speculation. I’m not saying that you are mistaken, rather disccusing.

            And I’m not even a type of geek who is going to comic cons and things like that, nah… I’m rather typical white collar. So people who I know are not the kind of people who would scream “MOE” or something weird like this, ok? And yet I can think of… hmm… 7 people who like Atelier.

            But like I said, when I think of Warriors game I can think about only 1 word… and that is “average”. And yet I am not saying that it is “bad” and all people must agree with me. That’s subjective right?

          • Johnathan Pompey

            Yeah, it is that popular, but not because anyone considers it a great game. Before going on, of course these games are still not as relevant as a game such as Skyrim, but my point is that they are more popular in America overall than the Atelier series. Both series aren’t ultimately relevant, but Dynasty Warriors is more relevant. Just wanted to clear up that little misunderstanding. Now moving on,

            You’re right, the ratings can be quite low for Warriors titles. However, despite the average reviews it gets, the sales continue to give Tecmo Koei a reason to localize the series consistently. Despite who you may talk to in public or the few hundred comments you see attacking the franchise, you have to remember that there are hundreds of thousands of people that you don’t talk to. I have met 10 people my entire life that actually like the series. But look at the various forums for the games. Look at YouTube videos dedicated to the series, and you’ll see that there are thousands upon thousands of fans who consistently buy the games with every release. That said, the sales for the series speak for themselves despite what anyone may say. On top of that there’s A LOT of people buying the games for many different reasons. For one, there are several versions of the franchise that represent different series. Someone who doesn’t like Dynasty Warriors 8 may love One Piece: Pirate warriors 2 or Hyrule Warriors because of the different mechanics and visual style. Each title they release sales decently , and warriors games sale more than atelier games. (because there are so many versions of the series, and each have has more sales even on its own)

            Speaking objectively, and again- i love the Atelier series myself- Dynasty Warriors is just more popular here (again, relative to Atelier), there is a much bigger fan base and there is more of a chance that someone who isn’t a fan of the series will buy the game. There are more fans of the warriors series here, and even people who consider the series “average” still by the games because they consider it fun. On top of that, the warriors franchise has been here longer so there are quite a bit of people who still just pick the games up because they always have. In the case of Dynasty Warriors, there are several situations and variables that keep it somewhat relevant despite the average reviews it gets. A lot of people consider the series a guilty pleasure, and the game’s consistently decent sales are proof of that. Hyrule Warriors made sure that more people would be interested in the series. And you have to remember: It’s not a Zelda game, it’s a warriors game. 74 is pretty damn high for a Warriors title in america. A score hasn’t been that high in the series since Dynasty Warriors 3 and 4.

            Unfortunately Atelier games don’t have any of the luxuries i listed. For one, the games tend not to be relevant outside of its core fan base, which isn’t very big here compared to some larger titles. People outside of the fan base tend to get put off by its visual style, and it also suffers because it’s an RPG and has to compete with other highly popular games of the genre. An average person looking on the psn for an rpg may glance at Atelier; they see FFX on the other hand, or learn of the upcoming Tales game and will choose either of those over Atelier without question. It’s sad, but that’s what happens.

            In the end, while Atelier has nothing inherently wrong with it and gets somewhat good reviews, it just isn’t relevant outside of its relatively small fan base. It doesn’t have enough of a presence yet, while Dynasty Warriors gained a presence since the early days of the ps2. The sales are lackluster compared to Warriors titles, and Koei Tecmo has seen way more profit in NA due to the warriors series than Atelier. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind that your don’t like the warriors titles. I’m just giving you a reason why the company chooses to publish Warriors games from an objective business perspective. I would never slander subjectivity. My response is purely from a business standpoint.

          • Phelan

            Hmm… Hmm…I dunno… but I don’t think that it is as popular as you think. Not on Vita at least.

            The best Warriors title was Next and it sold only 40k in NA and 50k in EU.

            Dynasty Warrior 8 sold only 10k in NA and 10k in EU. That’s pretty low. Even games like Demon Gaze which are “niche” in NA sold about 30k. And I would say that Atelier would be safe 20-30 for NA and EU each…. and that’s minimum.

            To me it seems that they are making mistake, and let’s say frankly it’s not like publishers don’t make them. Bandai Namco released half-assed version of SAO some time ago.

            They really expected that game to not sell well… and they were clearly mistaken about it. As SAO stays as top 1 on Vita since last 2 months. They would probably sell even 5 times more if they would release retail version.

            Anyway, thank you for your time! and for discussion! I like talking, it is always good thing to hear what someone thinks. Thank you.

          • Johnathan Pompey

            Hey no problem, it’s always nice to have a fresh perspective. Also I meant that the games sale more due to the multiple versions of the franchise on the vita. (Since we’re generally talking about the warriors franchise as a whole) When you think about how many more versions exist on the PS3 and so forth, and how much each game sales, it’s still more logical for them to continue localizing Warriors titles. Of course, that’s generally speaking.

            However, don’t see a reason they can’t localize both Series. I just don’t think it would be to smart for them to stop bringing over one of their most well known franchises and loose out on the profit from each game for one that isn’t as well known here. Either way, I hope we continue to see releases from both franchises to encourage more localization from them in the future.

        • gamezalv

          Dynasty series is well hard to describe. I used to play a lot of samurai warriors and dynasty warriors on ps2 so it’s kinda addicting to me. It’s fun :p
          Atelier series is really good as well.

      • The problem isn’t that I dont want to buy all these digital releases, the problem is the vita can only hold so many games on my memory card, i know u can backup and so forth, but I rather just have my games physical, or on the vita with no transferring data, and that data is full, so only retail releases going forward

  • Lester Paredes

    I am excited. Looking forward to it. Just, give me some warning before you release it, okay, Tecmo?

  • K-Mono