Spiders, aliens and zombies. We don’t like them and Crimsonland provides a solution, kill them! Is it fun or is it boring, here is the review to learn more!

Crimsonland is a top-down shooter using both analog sticks to move around and aim your weapons. There’s no real story, it’s just a campaign with sixty levels and the goal is simple; eliminate all creatures in your way to advance. Crimsonland released back in 2003 on PC and developer 10Tons brings this game back to life on modern consoles. Killing creepy creatures is something that will never stop being fun, right?

crimsonland menu

The campaign mode starts simple, with very few weapons and perks unlocked it’s up to you to eliminate the first wave of enemies. The controls are very simple; move around with the left analog stick, aim with the right analog stick and shoot with the R button. Moving around feels a little slow, you can’t run and gun unless you picked up a power-up to move faster. The more levels you complete the more perks and weapons you unlock and this becomes essential to get high scores or even to complete levels later on.

It’s not possible to choose a perk or weapon, these are randomly given to you and this is where Crimsonland can be both fun and frustrating. The game forces you to get better and using strategy to clear levels. For instance, a powerful weapon like the shotgun can eliminate multiple enemies at once but its slow loading times make it a lot harder to survive. Choose wisely when you’re able to pick up weapons and perks!

Crimsonland’s campaign is very addictive and with more weapons and perks unlocked you’ll find yourself playing completed levels to get better scores or prepare yourself for the other modes.

crimsonland screenshot

There is more! Crimsonland offers a campaign mode but also gives you five different types of survival modes; Classic Survival, Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker and Nukefism. These modes test your skills by overwhelming you with enemies. Rush, Blitz, Weapon Picker and Nukefism are fun to try at least once but the classic Survival mode is what makes this game really interesting and the main reason to keep playing Crimsonland.

To score high in Survival mode it’s essential to play the campaign and complete every level. Remember when I said that you will earn new weapons and perks when completing levels? These weapons and perks return in Survival mode, but only if you unlocked them first. When you hit a certain amount of experience you’ll be given a chance to choose a upgrade, these range from experience boost to shields for protection.

crimsonland survival

Crimsonland isn’t a game with stunning graphics or an AAA soundtrack. The different maps all look alike, the only difference is the color of the background. The enemies look creepy enough to make you want to shoot them and nothing more. Everything in the game is very simple but that is exactly what this game is all about. It all fits together perfectly in its simplicity.

Crimsonland is a fun top-down shooter and is a great experience on the PS Vita; there is a lot happening on the small screen and the short campaign levels are perfect for playing on a handheld. The survival mode is a lot of fun and the main reason to keep coming back.

Lasting Appeal
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  • Buckybuckster

    I love twin stick shooters but, this one hasn’t intrigued me enough into making the purchase. I most likely will one day once it discounts. Thanx for the review magmar126!