A couple of weeks ago we first brought news that the second major update for Freedom Wars was coming soon, and now we know when. Players in Japan can expect to have access to update 1.20 starting on October 16. This will be the update that will bring the often requested feature of player versus player battles.

While this update to the game will bring along with it a number of new features, the main one that everyone is waiting for is the PvP mode which will allow eight players to square off against each other along with their Accessory partners. This brings the number of characters in the battle up to 16 and should provide for some fun and chaotic multiplayer experiences.

There is still no word about when or if this update will hit Western markets when the game is released in just a few short weeks. As a reminder, Freedom Wars will be available in North America starting on October 28 and in Europe (digitally) on October 29. Europeans can then expect to have the full retail game just a few days later on October 31.

If you’re excited for Freedom Wars, let us know in the comments or in the forum.

  • darkknezz

    Hellz Yeaz! I got mine Pre-Ordered!

  • Phelan

    Still no news about West release (o.O)

    It is actually quite crazy that it’s like 2 weeks to release day and we don’t know anything about our version. Hell we still don’t know what Panopticons there will be. And that’s MAJOR thing, it is bloody important to know what cities you will be able to join. I hope for something from Eastern Europe like Praha, Budapest, Warsaw… you know something, even one of those would be great.

    They really should make whole Freedom Wars week before release, writing each day new article about Freedom Wars.

    Day-1 – plot

    Day-2 – characters/character making

    Day-3 – Panopticons

    Day-4 – weapons

    Day-5 – enemies

    Day-6 – crafting

    Day-7 – online modes

    Hell I’ve been proposing this on blog, but they either ignore it or don’t bother to read :/

    • yo1234

      All that’s changing for us are the panopticons and the language though? Why would they go out of the way to restate the other stuff? I would like a list of panopticons so that my friends can debate over which to join. 50 is a rather large numbers.

  • Steve

    Potentially the game of the year

  • Danny Silvester

    Got mine preordered and planning a PvP match in anticipation to the patch if anyone is interested, join https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=288398401351780

    • darkknezz

      Request sent to join your group

      • Danny Silvester

        Sorry only just worked out how to use this haha

  • yo1234

    I can see the PvP feature turning into an fps mode really quickly. I hope there’s a half second stun when physically hit to encourage meelee combat. Or else shooting from a far would be too easy. Even using vines to avoid being hit, seems like it wouldnt help.