Check your Killzone Mercenary Livescreen areas my friends, and hit that refresh button – the game has been patched to be compatible with PlayStation TV.

Killzone Mercenary update version 1.11 rolled out over the past twenty four hours, the 17MB download bringing with it PlayStation TV compatibility ahead of the launch this coming Tuesday in North America.

Check out the official change-log;


As you can see, the update also brings with it further stability fixes and a “Save/Restart from checkpoint” option for the single player portion of the game. Guerrilla Cambridge just can’t stop supporting this beast of a game, and we love them every minute for it.

Go grab the update now!

Bonus; If you’re getting a PlayStation TV this Tuesday and are raring to go, you can simply log in to your PSN account (do this FIRST) and then insert your Vita memory card to play all the compatible games you already have downloaded (if you’re using the same account across all devices as most do).

  • vongruetz .

    No I just need to wait for my PS TV to arrive. Come on Tuesday! You’re soooo close (and yet so far away).

    • nonscpo

      Only excited for the Playstation TV? We also have Minecraft and Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus coming out on same day 🙂

  • Undrey

    Does anyone know if this adds button support for menus on the normal Vita.

    • Kyle Wakeling

      It doesn’t, it still only allows touch upon start and in menus.

  • curtis

    Does this mean melee can be done without the touch screen now?

    • Kyle Wakeling


  • nonscpo

    “Save/Restart from checkpoint”…Thank You!