The Tales of Hearts R is soon going to be heading to the West and new details have emerged concerning the limited edition pre-order bonuses that will be available.



Players who pre-order the physical copy of the game from select stores will receive six classic outfits to use from previous Tales of games.  This promotion is for customers in North America, and the “participating stores” will be Gamestop in the US and EB Games in Canada. Bandai Namco has stated that the retail release of the game will be exclusive to those stores only.

For people who want to purchase the game digitally, the same costumes will be available in the Digital Limited Edition version of the game that will be sold on PSN until the end of November.

We previously reported on the Day One bonus for Europe which also offers a number of extra bonuses for pre-order customers. The digital version of the game at launch will also grant you the six bonus costumes.

It was also revealed that Tales of Heart R will be fully compatible with the new PlayStation TV so you can continue your Tales of adventure on the big screen if you like.

Tales of Heart R will launch in North America on November 11 and in Europe on November 14.

  • gRANT

    I really hope this sells well and we also get innocence R and digimon cyber sleuth.

  • Lester Paredes

    I’m buying it! I don’t care if it has costumes. Hope it does well.