VisionTrick Media have once again taken to the PlayStation Blog to discuss their upcoming fourth-person puzzler Pavilion.

A few months ago we brought you an extended gameplay video of Pavilion, after indie developer VisionTrick Media took to the PlayStation Blog to discuss their upcoming Sony Exclusive title. Now another video has been showcased via the Blog, which shows Pavilion art director Rickard Westman speaking with American musician Tony Gerber, whose ‘dreamy ambient tones’ were inspiration behind the games overall artistic style.

Speaking in Helsinki, where Gerber had just performed live, Westman explains via the blog that it was the first time they had met face-to-face, having previously only spoken via Skype.

You can watch the fascinating discussion below, which also features new gameplay footage and more examples of Gerber’s captivating musical work.

The original conversation stretched 40 minutes, with the above being selected highlights. The rest of the discussion will be uploaded in small tidbits within the coming months via the developers YouTube Page.

Pavilion is described as a fourth person exploratory experience about guidance, influence and subliminal control. In the game you manipulate the surrounding area as well as influencing the ‘senses’ of the main character as you guide him towards the truth.

The game is set to release for PS Vita and PS4, and although there is no release date yet, the developers are still hopeful of a 2014 release. Over the past few days, the demo has been made playable at Indiecade Festival in Los Angeles, which will hopefully mean more videos and initial opinions on the game within the next couple of weeks.

To follow the production of Pavilion, visit VisionTrick Medias production blog here.

When the release date is finally announced, TVL will of course be the first on the scene.

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