Collaboration with Women’s fashion mag will bring a sense of style to standard PS Vita design.

Japan is getting a host of new Vita designs and bundles in the coming weeks, but perhaps the most unusual is the announcement of a pink and white MercuryDuo Premium edition Vita Slim, which is being made in collaboration with the fashion magazine Sweet. The system can be brought as a standalone purchase for 18,980 yen ($176.26/£109.67), or as part of a bundle. As well as the Vita Slim, the bundle will include a pouch designed by popular clothing brand MercuryDuo, along with an 8gb memory card, MercuryDuo branded cleaning cloth and a screen protector. The bundle will retail for 20,980 yen ($194.84/£121.22). Both will be available from November 13th in Japan.



A few weeks later on the 27th November, there will also be a release of two new PlayStation Vita Slim Value bundles. Both these packs include an 8gb memory card, which will have pre-installed the free to play titles, Judas Code, Chain Chronicle V, Destiny of Spirits and No Heroes Allowed. There will also be codes for virtual items for any of the above mentioned games, as well as Monster Hunter Frontier GWorld Uniform Costume Fes, Magica Wars Zanbatsu, and Phantasy Star Nova. Once again these bundles will come with a handy pouch. What separates these packs is their design, with either red & black or blue & black styles available.

vp_03 vp_04


And that’s not all. If after all that, you are still crying out for the original PS Vitas beautiful OLED screen, then you are in luck, as Sony will also be releasing a bundle pack which includes either the 3G or Wifi original PS Vita. It will retail for the exact same price as the Vita Slim Value pack, 19,980 yen ($185.55/£115.44).

With the MercuryDuo Premium Vita Slim, it seems Sony is trying to make its handheld a fashion accessory, as well as a fantastic portable gaming machine. What do you make of this collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Marcus Blackstock

    I want it. The pink/white one.

  • Kyle Wakeling

    I’m glad we’re getting more options in colour and style, but how about expanding those options past Japan/Asia? Us Westerners want choice too you know!

  • Lester Paredes

    That pink and white one is so pretty. I want it. I sure wish these colors would find their way West. It’s like they think we only like black…

  • Fr33Kingdom

    That pink and white. The Vita has such an appealing design and with those colors? Man.

  • Emma Selwyn

    I’m generally not into pretty pink and white lace, but that combo actually works surprisingly well. look forward to seeing it reblogged on many “pale, pretty and sad” and “pastely goth”-type Tumblr accounts soon!

    If there was a collaboration between Milkfed/Candy Stripper or some other famous Harajuku brand and the Vita, on the other hand, I’d be on it like a shot! And I know that the 3DS has a Milkfed skin for it, so it’s not like it’s unfeasible.

  • Buckybuckster

    Love seeing more Vita color choices…..hate not seeing them outside of Japan.