We have been following the progress of Tiny Troopers on the Vita for a while and Wired Productions invited me down to get some hands on with it recently. Originally released on mobiles as two free to play titles with in app purchases, the game has stripped all of that nonsense out for the PlayStation release and put both titles in one package which is set to release later this month on the PS Vita, PS4 and the PS3.

Tiny Troopers

Upon starting the game I was immediately impressed with how simple and intuitive it was. It still contains the touch controls from the mobile versions but also takes full advantage of the Vita’s analogue sticks to reinvent the game as a twin stick shooter. With the game presented in a top down perspective, I was instantly reminded of Cannon Fodder on the Amiga as I began my progress through the tutorial, eliminating the enemy armed forces with ease. Tapping the screen to issue commands to the units to move or attack was very effective, although there was something very satisfying using physical controls to eliminate my adversaries. As you earn money by completing missions and causing carnage you can then spend this at the shop, acquiring an even more deadly arsenal such as grenades, rocket launchers and even air strikes, and these are activated by dragging them onto the target area. It’s all very effective.

Missions start simple enough with limited units and objectives, you begin with one soldier but accumulating more units and mission tasks as you proceed. Your units are upgradeable and customisable and can also earn promotions the longer they survive, although if they fall in battle they will be lost forever, and if they have served you well or you have spent some serious cash on them you can easily build a sense of attachment to them! As you get further into the game you will be able to recruit specialist units which pack different skills to aid your team, like machine gunners or medics and many more.

The game features all of the content from the mobile versions, which translates to 58 missions and around 6-7 hours of gameplay as well as the zombie survival mode, which is very addictive and can become quite challenging. Starting with one soldier (rising to a maximum of four) you must survive endless waves of Zombies with limited ammunition and health drops. I managed to get to around wave 11, which was incredibly difficult. Wired have told me there is a trophy for reaching wave 25, which is going to take some luck and patience!

Tiny Troopers

The game is set to launch in the next few weeks and as well as being cross buy with all the PlayStation systems it will also take advantage of cross save, although all games share the same trophy list. With a variety of mission types and the zombie mode there should be a little something for everyone here. We will bring you more news on the launch as soon as we have it – as well as a review – but if bite sized military shenanigans is your cup of tea then you might want to keep an eye out for this one. Whilst you are waiting, why not give them Wired Productions a follow on Twitter?

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    Lets just hope this game does not frame drop too often and the load times don’t take too long, even though this was made using Unity.

  • Lester Paredes

    Cannon Fodder… now there’s a game I lost hours to. Looking forward to this.

  • Adjaero Pascal

    HAha this is my game!

  • italodance

    Nice Game,finally a great game that not available for mobiles.