There’s a small new update for Borderlands 2 in the ether, enabling support for PlayStation TV so you can enjoy some gameplay on North America’s Launch Day. 🙂

The version 1.05 update for Borderlands 2 has appeared with some pretty stealthy patch notes, check it out;

BL2-UpdateThankfully, someone from Iron Galaxy took to Twitter to answer a user’s question and filled us in;

If you’ve got Borderlands 2, open up the livescreen tile and hit refresh (the circular arrow icon) to check for the update and use the golden arrow icon to download it. It’s only 17MB so it will neither take a lot of time nor space.

Happy gaming, and enjoy your PlayStation TVs!


  • Lester Paredes

    I was wondering what that was for. I figured PS TV, but I couldn’t find anything concrete in the interwebs. I should sign up for twitter…