Dengeki PlayStation Magazine and Gematsu have tipped us of to a small trove of newly released information about Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song takes place in a newly released region of the virtual-MMORPG ALfheim Online, called Svart ALfheim. This new region is a mysterious floating continent that comes bundled with an update to the game, and contains many different areas and terrains, including plains, deserts, and icebergs (among others). Each area is estimated to be about 16 square kilometers (~6 sq. mi.) in size and will be accessible either by foot or flight.

In Lost Song, the combat is being split into land and air battles, with the latter stated to afford “complete freedom of maneuverability to players.” As such, these air battles feature no auto attacks and instead allow more accurate attacks to specified areas of the body (as long as you turn off lock-on targeting). As for the traditional land battles, it’s implied that you may now be able to jump instead of being limited to strafe-dodging to move around.

Additionally, parties in the game will now top out at three members – though you will still have free reign to take with you whomever you please. Seeing as how Sinon is appearing in game art we’re pretty sure she’ll be back for the adventure (despite not being in this leg of the anime either), but the game is also said to be adding a bunch of new characters as well.

Speaking of characters, Lost Song will not only be the first Sword Art Online game where you can fly, but it’ll also be the first where players can choose to play as someone other than the standard editable “Kirito” protagonist.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is due out for release next year in Japan, with no news on a localization (yet).

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    As long as we get a retail copy and decent text ill be happy!

  • Forget retail, I just want a localization! :p

  • Ichigo Yoite

    I’ll definitely buy it!