The tale of The Unfinished Swan coming to the PS Vita has been a long and laborious one. Despite the mountains of evidence that it will soon be coming to Sony’s handheld, there still has been no official word concerning its release. At this past Gamescom, we were treated to the reveal that the game would soon be coming to the PS4, but as far as the Vita was concerned: silence.

Now it looks like the game will be making a stealth release on the Vita next week on October 23, at least in Japan.

Starting on October 23 the game will go on sale forĀ 1,296 yen with PlayStation Plus members receiving an extra 20% off and bringing the price down to 1,037 yen. This sale will last until November 24.

There is still no word yet on a Western release for the game, but the SCEE website in the UK is now at least listing the game as being real, so hopefully we will get some word from them in the near future.

Unfinished Swan

Unfinished Swan2

There is still no mention about the Vita version on the SCEA website which only lists the game for the PS3 and PS4. We will continue to scour the internet searching for more information and bring it to you once we find it.

Do you think we’ll see The Unfinished Swan make a stealth release next week? If history is any indicator, there is a very strong chance it could happen.

  • aros

    Seeing the cross buy confirmation is the best news in this story!

  • Lester Paredes

    Ah, stealth releases. The best kind of releases. (sarcasm)

  • Buckybuckster

    Would very much like to pick this up. I would think that a western confirmation is soon to follow. If we could only get Journey as well.