It seems like everyday a new indie title takes to Kickstarter and the latest title to appeal to your good nature in order to get funded is Border: Remembrance.

The Kickstarter page explains that “Border: Remembrance is a fast paced, high difficulty Metroidvania game, in the spirit of Castlevania games mixed with Dark/Demon souls. The pixel art visual style delivers a weird and twisted tale of a world’s last 3 weeks.

The summary of the game’s features are:

  • A grand misery.
  • Nonlinear storytelling.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Countless secrets.
  • Architectural level design.
  • Alternative routes, shortcuts.
  • Different characters have entirely different routes for the same level. • Up to 20 different weapons and spells for each character.
  • Destructible environments; burn, blow and slash your way through obstacles. Who needs keys when you have a rocket launcher?
  • No tiles. Each level is hand drawn.
  • A mixed technology setting; swords meeting magic and space age technology.
  • Themes inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

The game, which is a top down pixel art action RPG,  needs £3000 in the next 21 days to get funded and requires £10,000 to achieve the PS4/PS Vita goal. Developers Fallen Valkyrie Studio have also also uploaded a short video to Youtube showing off a snowy panorama.

The Kickstarter page explains that in the beginning of the game, you are responsible for an explosion on the moon and over a third of the moon’s mass will start heading towards the earth, threatening the existence of life as we know it.

The official website states that the game features non-linear storytelling integrated with environmental storytelling. Each area is hand drawn and carefully crafted to create a sense of time and place, and story.
Each of the three playable characters have a different arsenal of skills and stats, and they have entirely different areas accessible to them in each of the game’s 7 locations.

Due to this, all of them will face different bosses, and reveal different parts of the vast lore. You will meet NPCs throughout your journey and they could become allies or bosses. Some bosses can be skipped entirely by actions performed throughout the levels.

You can gather up to 20 weapons/spells with each character. These will grant you access to previously inaccessible areas, and shortcuts. Organic enemies will release soul fragments when killed and you can use these soul fragments to increase your stats. However, upon your death you will drop all of your fragments. These can be recovered unless you die a second time before reaching them. Countless bosses will test your skills, and force you to use your arsenal to its maximum potential.

Border Remembrance

Depending on what character you use in which area, the story will shift and change leading you to one of various endings. Re-playability is highly encouraged, with New Game Plus and countless secrets to discover. The game promises fast-paced gameplay, with high risk versus reward challenges. There will be a shifting narrative, supported by Metroidvania design.

Does this look like something you would like to see on the Vita? Why not head over to the funding page for more information.

  • Buckybuckster

    Watched the longer trailer that popped up after the posted one. Looks pretty good. Will have to keep notice of this one.

  • aros

    I don’t think it will reach its stretch goal, It sounds really similar to a tonne of other funded games we are waiting for.