The PlayStation Now Beta for the PS Vita has gone live in select regions. The service comes in the form of a PS Now app that can be downloaded to your Vita or PS TV to gain access to a number of PS3 games. And the best part is, it actually works.

The service went live on October 14 in North America. In order to access it, players will need to download the free PS Now app which can be found in the store. Once you launch the app, you are brought into the PS Now store front, which will be familiar to anyone who has used the service on either the PS4 or the PS3. There you will have the option to test your connection speed to determine if you are capable to run the service. There is also a list of all available games to rent as well as the list of games you have previously rented or currently have activated.

I decided to try Papo & Yo ($3.99 for 7 days) and the game booted right up. I’ve spent the last day playing the game between the PS Vita and the PlayStation TV with little to no problems. There has been a tiny bit of latency in the controls at times (though Papo & Yo has always had some control problems), but the game ran very smoothly. The graphics were detailed and rich, looking identical to the game running natively on the PS3. The only issue I had was when I was playing while downloading a number of other games on my network. This caused the resolution in the game to drop severely. When this happens an icon will pop up in the corner to let you know that you are having connection issues, and if it gets too bad, it will drop you from the game.

PS Now also gives you the option to change the layout pattern for the L2, R2, L3, and R3 buttons. Pressing the PS button will allow you to choose from one of four different layouts that use both the front and/or rear touchpad. By default it uses the four corners of the front screen for the missing buttons, but this can be changed.

The library of games available in PS Now is growing every week, and new titles such as The Sly Collection and Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus were just added this week. Now if only Sony would create an affordable subscription service to go along with it, PS Now has the potential to bring a whole new world of games to the Vita.

And as a friendly reminder, if you do use PS Now, remember that you have to go to the PS Now XMB to sync your trophies in order for them to pop on your account.

Have you tried out PS Now on the Vita yet? How was your experience?

(I would have posted some screenshots, but that capability is disabled while using the PS Now App)

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  • Hamzawesome

    Sorry if this is gonna sound stupid, but do you need a PS3 to play PS3 games on your Vita/TV with PS Now?

    • vongruetz .

      No. All you need is your Vita. The game will stream from their servers to your device. No PS3 is needed.

      • Hamzawesome

        This is great! Thanks for replying.

  • Jachka

    what about ps4 games? will they be available for vita in future?

    • vongruetz .

      Right now PS4 games are restricted to just Remote Play, but the vision for PS Now is that eventually it will have everything. Right now they’re still beta testing the service and are using PS3 games to start.

  • Kay Krate

    Just wasted 3$ … Says my connection is too slow even tho it’s a 10 Mbps connection

    • vongruetz .

      It does a check before it allows you to buy, and if it passed that, then you could still be good. Try resetting your wireless router.
      I don’t know why, but something similar happened to me the first time I tried it on the PS4. It checked my connection, said everything was great, and then after I paid for the game, suddenly it wouldn’t work. I was pissed. Then someone suggested I reset my wireless router, and suddenly it magically started working again. I had no problems with it since.

  • matthewroberts1040

    How do you change the layout on the touch screen configuration on ps vita? I held the ps home button but it came up to just alter the sound, brightness, ect, but nothing else. and that was when i was on the ps now app

    • vongruetz .

      When you’re in a game press the PS button, but don’t hold it down. Just a simple press. This will bring up the options: Return to Game, Close Game, Display PS Now XMB Menu, and Assign Buttons. Choose assign buttons and select which layout you prefer.

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  • Danny Silvester

    Hmm when they release ps4 games on ps now not many people will need to splash all that cash, if you get my drift