Aplus are going solo for their new RPG that sees you battling Dragons… for free.

It may sound like the latest movie from The Ayslum, but the upcoming title Robo Vs. Dragon is in development for PS Vita, and will indeed see you battling Dragons. Aplus, who are best known for supporting Arc Systems Works in the development the hack ‘n’ slash title Damascus Gear: The Tokyo War Begins, are going it alone for this new title, which will see you pilot a robot weapon known as ‘Robo’ and battle fire breathing menaces.


Little is known at this stage, with the only description for the storyline being that the game is “set in a high-tech world where robots suddenly appear”. It is unclear whether you will battle other robots as well as dragons. We do however know that the game will use a traditional RPG battle system, meaning you can pick options such as: Attack, Blast and Guard. You will also be exploring dungeons, in which the floors and items will constantly change. The best part about this all however, is the fact that the game will be completely free.


This new title does indeed look interesting, and after working closely with Arc Systems Works, we are hopeful that this title will be a nice addition to the PS Vita’s RPG catalogue. Aplus is hoping for a Winter 2014 release, but we will of course keep you updated on everything Robo Vs. Dragons here at TVL.

  • aros

    I don’t think it will be “completely free” – it will be positively overflowing with IAP.

    • Buckybuckster

      LOL…yeah, it will (as with almost every other F2P) be “completely free” to play. However, if you wish to make any significant progress in a timely manner, the in game purchases will almost assuredly be there to placate your impatience.