Bandai Namco Games has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming anime/manga based PlayStation Vita title Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live!

Featuring quite a bit of gameplay, trailer #2 for rhythm/adventure title Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! shows off how the game contains both visual novel/adventure elements with story and choice screens, as well as the rhythm portion with button prompts and dancing animations.

Check it out;

Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! is set to release on November 13th in Japan, keep your eye on TVL for more information as it releases.

  • WhyWai

    Let’s Yosakoi! This anime is great. Hope it’d beeen more popular tho…

    • シカチュウ

      It’s actually pretty popular in Japan, from what I reckon. I went to Akiba in September, and most of the store has a dedicated section for Hanayamata.

      Hell, I got that OP in my head for the rest of the trip.

      While it might not lasted as other series, I think it’s popular enough in this period of time. 😀