A Japanese retailer has tipped us to the delay of Earth Defense Force V2 in Japan.

Japanese-based online retailer Rakuten has changed its release date listing for Earth Defense Force V2 from November 27th to December 11th, corresponding with an as of yet unannounced delay in release for the game.

We only choose to report this as an actual delay due to three reasons; the fact that Gematsu is reporting it (they usually don’t report garbage), the fact that November 27th is an otherwise packed release date for Japan (it makes sense to seek less competition), and the fact that there’s really no other reason for a retailer to change the release date listing on a game where said release date has already been confirmed.

We’ll keep you updated if this one develops further, but for now it’s looking like a delay announcement is certainly imminent.

  • Buckybuckster

    Well at least the delay isn’t of The Last Guardian proportions. Hope we get a localization announcement soon. Don’t break my heart D3!