New Weapons Enhancements revealed by Famitsu ahead of Winter release in Japan.

The release of Bandai Namcos eagerly anticipated God Eater 2 expansion is edging nearer in Japan, and after we reported the release of new beautiful screenshots for Rage Burst last month, we now have more details regarding added features.


We now know that there will be a new weapon enhancement, know as “Skill Install”. What this means, is that the God Arcs you gain after clearing missions can now be equipped with a variety of skills. Those skills can be bestowed by synthesizing God Arcs (sword blades, armour and gun barrels). There are four skills slots, which can’t be removed but can be rewritten to your personal preference.

Also announced were new Blood Arts for existing weapons, as well as new Blood Arts costumes.

God Eater 2: Rage Burst is set for release this winter in Japan, but we are still yet to receive details of a western release.

  • Lester Paredes

    I foam at the mouth for this game. Please, let it come West, so that my video game rabies can be cured.

  • WhyWai

    Can’t wait for the game and also the anime make by ufotable

  • nonscpo

    Sob sob were never gonna get it are we? 🙁

    • Kyle Wakeling

      Why would you assume it’s not coming West? God Eater Burst came West. The enhanced versions of these games seem to make it, just not the originals.

      • nonscpo

        That may be a possibility but the low sales of the original Burst conscern me that and the fact that Rage Burst was anounced for the PS4. As things are right now they have more reasons for release the sequel of a PSP game on the PS4 than the Vita.

      • BustaPozee

        Maybe because God eater 2 didn’t come west

  • Steve

    I’m on the verge of importing this because I want to play it so badly. Please please do some digging around a Western release.