Race the Sun developer Flippfly took to the PlayStation Blog earlier this week to deliver some new information on their upcoming, speed-oriented game.

First off, we finally have a release date for the game. Race the Sun will see the rays of daylight in North America next Tuesday, October 21st, and the following day in Europe.

Along with a release date, Flippfly Co-Founder, Forest San Filippo showed off the new PlayStation exclusive mode: Labyrinthia. Unlike Race the Sun’s main mode where the objective is to keep racing toward the bright yellow star until it sets or you crash into an object, Labyrinthia focuses solely on survival and not speed. In Labyrinthia mode, the camera changes from a third-person, behind-the-ship viewpoint, to an isometric style, akin to what you would find in something like Tiny Troopers: Join Ops. What makes this mode stand out from the other gameplay modes in Race the Sun is the fact┬áthat Labyrinthia can be beat, but from the looks of it, that’s not an easy task. You’ll have to master new traps, plan ahead, and really hone your skills to see the end of this mode.

Like the other modes in Race the Sun, Labyrinthia resets every 24 hours, allowing a fresh experience from day to day.

Priced at $10 in North America, Race the Sun will be a three-way Cross-Buy and Cross-Save title on PS Vita, PS4, and PS3. Additionally, Race the Sun will launch with PlayStation TV support.


  • Buckybuckster

    Will probably pick this up. Interesting concept and looks to be alot of fun.

  • I’ve played through the majority of the game and it’s a ton of fun. Despite the simple concept, it’s very addictive.

  • Steve Jaworski

    Great concept. I think I’ll get onboard.