A secret PlayStation TV feature has been discovered, allowing you to use the device, paired with a PS Vita, as a Chromecast of sorts.

The PlayStation TV has been out for just shy of a week in North America and its users are already discovering some unadvertised features. One Reddit user who goes by the name of “dkomaran” has discovered how to beam the media you have stored on a PlayStation Vita to your PlayStation TV.

With both devices connected to the same WiFi access point, go to any of your videos or photos stored on the PlayStation Vita. If you’re connected properly you should see a new icon on the top right hand corner of the Vita’s screen. The button on the left informs you that the content is being shown on the PlayStation Vita. If you press the button on the right, it will open the Photo or Video app on the PlayStation TV and the respective content will be beamed to your TV. From there, you can use the Vita as a remote to control the beamed content.

While this is a pretty expensive way to get your media off the Vita and onto the TV, it’s nice for those moments when you don’t want to switch memory cards.


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  • ★ Wolfgang Wozniak

    if only i could use it as a controller now

    • Jessey

      If only. Then maybe we could play Gravity Rush on the PS TV ><

  • vongruetz .

    One Reddit user? Pfft. I had this one down since it launched. It was going to be a surprise in my PS TV review, but I guess the cat is out of the bag now. You also need to make sure you have no open apps on the PS TV for it to work, and if you try while an app is open, the Vita won’t be able to find it. Once that happens, the option to beam photos and videos to the PSTV will go away until you reset both devices.

    • Delon

      I wouldn’t get to upset over this. I knew about it the day after my imported vita tv arrived. And I am sure people in japan knew about it before me.

  • Rodolfo Ferreira

    I’m still waiting on something more interesting like..

    “User discovered how to move backed up games from his computer into his flashdrive and makes PSTV read it”; Or “Sony announces PSVita/PSTV Firmware update v4 will feature SHAREFactory for both devices. It will also disable HDCP”;
    That’s what I’d call steps in the right direction.

    • aros

      Backed up games would kill development in 24 hours.

  • WhyWai

    I tot I can stream my gameplay on VIta to PS TV, so just media contents… disappointed.

  • nonscpo

    Would be nice If they could figure out a way to transfer save games from your Vita to your Playstation TV wirelessly.

    • Jessey

      Use PlayStation Plus cloud saves.

    • Jessey

      Use PlayStation Plus cloud saves.

      • nonscpo

        But I dont have Playstation Plus, thats why I really hope they can do something like that between handheld and microconsole 🙁

        • But that is why they want to sell you a PS+ subscription.

          • nonscpo

            I’ll pass there’s way too many games out on Vita for me to justify paying for plus!

          • You’re missing the point. They won’t give you a feature for free that they’re trying to sell to you.

          • nonscpo

            I think your missing the point too, I bought there product therefore I expect basic features to be available. Transfering data between two compatible pieces of hardware that I legally paid for should be a basic feature not a premium service that I have to pay for.

    • vesra

      late, but with a solution. media go. you can connect both the vita and pstv using wifi to media go on your pc. transfer saves from vita to pc, then from pc to pstv.

  • Section8


  • lman71drummer .

    One thing I will never ever understand about the PS TV is why they would release and market a product that is in-fact a PS Vita without a screen, but is not compatible with the Vita’s entire library of games let alone most features and apps, that alone kills it for me (let alone the device itself) being a hardcore Vita gamer and if you don’t have the hardcores on board then you’ve got nothing. I also personally find it an outrage and down right insulting to the entire Vita fanbase that they would have the nerve to remove it’s rightful name: PS ”Vita” TV (In Japan), and change it to PS TV what a load of SHIT, is PS Vita TV too unrecognizable? Not to me that’s for sure! Why would I need to play Vita games or even Remote Play on the big
    screen anyway when I can easily pick up my PS Vita with no strings
    attached (besides a charger lol) and play anywhere anytime with
    absolutely no interruptions directly in the ”palm of my hands”<-(which I actually prefer even over playing on my PS4 itself), guess what
    someone needs to use the T.V.? no worries grab the Vita and keep on
    gaming without being shamed to the other room and you can even multitask
    and watch a movie etc on the T.V. while your playing. It's plain and simple the PSTV is in-fact Dead On Arrival. Good idea, poor execution. What they should have done was instead of bundling a ridiculous old Dual Shock 3 controller with the microconsole, include a new Dual Shock ''4'' with the system and map any touchscreen button imputs to it, boom problem solved. OR if that was technically not possible somehow then why couldn't they just make it so you can either A. use a PS VITA as a straight up controller for the device or B. make it possible to push the ''games'' to the T.V. in the same manner you can with media explained in this article for the ability of having all Vita games playable?

    And honestly with all of the hype surrounding the PS4 who's idea was it to include a dual shock 3? Seriously think about this for a second as they're selling it mainly as a ''PS4 Remote Play'' TV device, what sense does it make to include an old incompatible PS3 controller when everyone who's buying it would be using it for Remote Play mainly? How stupid is that, they could have sold it with a bundled DS4 (which it just should have always been), moved more units and controllers, possibly upped the price a few bucks and most definitely would have been more attractive as a bundle and would make many a' people happy to own a second PS4 controller. What were they THINKING.

    This thing reeks of failure and seems quite slapped together, especially when I had first seen the bundles they were offering etc. who the hell is in charge of the Vita brand's marketing/ because somebody's not doing anything right at all.