We finally know when we’ll be able to take those ninja beauties and cook ourselves up something rhythmic.

We’ve been long under the impression that Bon Appétit! was coming this quarter, however now that date gets more specific as XSEED has announced that Senran Kagura Bon Appétit! will hit Western shores November 11th in North American and November 12th in Europe.

If you haven’t heard of Bon Appétit!, here’s a little introduction – courtesy of the press release;

“In this spinoff of the SENRAN KAGURA series, the grand rivalry continues as the ever-competitive shinobi take a break from hand-to-hand combat and face one another in an entirely different kind of battle, with delicious results. The shinobi master Hanzō has promised a magical scroll, with the power to grant any one wish, to the winner of his first annual “Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off.” Driven by their own desires, or just bored curiosity, the girls of Japan’s secret ninja schools have each signed up for the tournament, ready to put their reflexes, memory and speed to the test in a cooking competition unlike any other.”

Sound good? Check out these brand new screens;

Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit! can be yours on November 11th/12th depending on your region, with the Gessen x Hebijo expansion pack following on November 25th/26th. Both the base game and the expansion pack are set to cost $14.99 US when they drop, so save those pennies!

  • Phelan

    Bon Apetite will be just like Shinovi Versus censored in Europe
    (removed subtitles from store and dressing room)

    Not because of any rating board, but because Marvelous Europe decided to that on their own.

  • gRANT

    It’s out the same day as tales of hearts r, bad idea.

    • nonscpo

      Agreed and around the same time as Hatsune Miku for Vita, really wish they had held this release off for next year.