New mode lets you battle through waves for enemies for awesome rewards.

Over the past month we have brought you a host of news concerning the upcoming hack ‘n’ slash title Samurai Warriors: Chronicle 3. As well as the announcement that players will be able to play as either a Male or Female protagonist , we now have details of a new game mode ahead of its Japanese release on December 4th.

A ‘Time-attack Stage’ Mode has been announced, which will involves players completing a variety of tasks, such as reaching certain destinations in the fastest time possible and of course slashing as many enemies as possible.

This mode happens in the area of the game called the Martial Arts Training Facility, and for each mission you’ll be given an initial time limit of just 5 minutes, but luckily, once you have completed a task your time will be extended. Players are given a choice at the end of each mission as to whether they want to continue on and tackle more missions in one sitting, or end their playthrough and total their score for that section. Needless to say, this mode can potentially go for a long time.


The aim of this mode is simple… rack up as many points as possible! As well as points being awarded for completing a mission, you can further extend your total by collecting drops from fallen enemies. Points can then be exchanged for upgraded weapons and other items. Of course there are also leaderboards so you can show off your top score to your friends and brag about achieving a high score.

As the Japanese release draws ever nearer, we will of course keep you informed on everything Samurai Warriors: Chronicle 3, but in the mean time, check out the gallery below, which includes images of new enemies that will appear in the Time-Attack mode as well as a sneak peak at the how the leaderboards and upgrade screens will look.


  • Johnathan Pompey

    Cool, i like how this mode has enemy officers from other warriors titles. This should be fun.