A brand new look at the upcoming strategy RPG Rainbow Skies recently got posted up on Playstation Blog.

And for those of you unfamiliar with the title:

[pull_quote_center]Rainbow Skies takes place in a completely new world and is an indirect sequel to Rainbow Moon. The game tells the story of the three young protagonists Damion, Layne, and Ashly, that meet under unforeseen circumstances and who get caught in the deadly crossfire of two rival superpowers.[/pull_quote_center]

SideQuest Studios also made note that the core gameplay and structure of the first game will definitely be present and improved upon. On top of that promise, it is said to have at least 10 times more content compared to it’s predecessor. But enough of me talking about it, take a look at the game right here!:

It should also be made known that the first game, Rainbow Moon, is available for free via PS+ this month if you want to give it a shot. Rainbow Skies is currently aiming for a 2015 release exclusively on Playstation, so expect a lot more news in the coming months!

  • Lester Paredes

    Looks as cute as Rainbow Moon.

  • Buckybuckster

    RS along with Mighty No. 9 are my 2 most anticipated games for 2015. Rainbow Moon was a blast and a top 5 all-time Vita game for me personally.

  • aros

    There was no look at the actual turn based combat?

  • Jhonatan Carneiro

    I’m playing Rainbow Moon right now and I’m enjoying it a lot. The “10 times more content” impresses me a lot, because RM is already extremely huge.