The Live from PlayStation app will be coming to the PS Vita and PS TV following an update later tonight. Update 3.35 will enable support for the application, allowing you to watch live streams of PS4 players streaming their games to Twitch and Ustream.

Remote Play will also be expanded on the recently launched PlayStation TV. After installing update 3.35, you’ll be able to use up to four controllers with Remote Play which will be perfect for those spontaneous Diablo III sessions.

While these┬ámay be the headlining features of the update, there seems to be more to it as the PlayStation Blog mentions referring to the changelog for the full list of features included in the firmware. If there’s anything else noteworthy in update 3.35, we’ll be sure to update you.

  • nonscpo

    Sadly I really couldnt care less for that feature, if I get any free time to grab my Vita I want to play with it not watch someone else play. Still glad for those who were looking forward to this feature.

    • Lester Paredes

      Yeah, me neither. Oh well. Most of these updates are kinda useless anyway.

  • Uzair Syed

    An entire .5 just for that….

    Sigh…haven’t had a big useful update on Vita in forever. Themes are cool but not as important as say WPA Enterprise.

    • Lester Paredes

      Please excuse my ignorance: What is WPA Enterprise?

      • Uzair Syed

        Hard to explain myself. Pretty much all colleges use it meaning that there are some colleges where Vita owners can’t go online on Vita without it. My college has 2 wifi networks, one is WPA enterprise and one is where u connect then have to go to the web browser to sign in using ur college ID and password.

        WPA enterprise skips that and basically has u do the authentication stuff right when u connect and then connects u automatically to that network whenver ur near it. Vita doesn’t support the ability for those type of networks. Ur internet at home probably has a password on it that u enter into Vita as soon as u connect but WPA enterprise networks are like entering ur ID and password into something without a browser…which can’t be done on Vita.

        • Lester Paredes

          Oh. Wow… Vita doesn’t support that? That stinks.

          • Uzair Syed

            It matters less for me because my college has both internet based authentification and WPA as two seperate wifis to connect to. It sucks though because if Vita goes in Standby mode it loses the connection and I have to authenticate again…wouldn’t be a problem if the WPA one worked.

          • ShadowDivz

            Aww that sucks. I was actually going top bring my vita to school tomorrow to test it out because my college supports that too(it works with my phone, because that browser thing is annoying as hell)

  • So I updated all my PS stuff and I cannot find the Live from PS App anywhere. Not on my Vita or on the Store. The same goes for the Youtube App on my PS4. I imagine these will appear alongside PS4 Themes when the EU store updates.

    • It’s up on the store now, if you can even get the store to load (this is NA btw.)

    • Uzair Syed

      It looks like we have to download them from the PS Store. Was hoping it would just come with the update like some pointless things have in the past (Maps, Parental controls).

  • Was hoping that we’d be able to stream our gameplay to Twitch with this update, but including that feature is too much of a hassle for Sony.

    • gRANT

      That’s what I thought the pstv was for, it was the only reason I wanted to get it but when I found out you couldn’t I didn’t bother.

  • Most importantly, this update claims to have better video quality for remote play based on connection quality. This could be huge for the PSTV and Vita over home networks or wired.

    • Apparently this is a PSTV only feature despite being on the patch notes on the Vita. Anecdotal evidence on Neogaf suggests a modest to large improvement on wired remote play. I will test tonight.

  • Uzair Syed

    Kinda stupid that the Live from PlayStation APP that’s on PSVita doesn’t even reflect the improvements made to the PS4 version…