Compile Heart’s upcoming RPG Destroyer Trillion has been delayed into 2015.

An RPG title from the director of Disgaea 4, Compile Heart’s Destroyer Trillion has been delayed from its planned 2014 release window to a slightly more specific release window of January 2015. Dengeki PlayStation magazine is also reporting that the game will be available for 6,800 yen when it releases, so start saving those pennies for the import now.

As for new details, an interview in the magazine has noted the following;

  • Battles are a mixture of roguelike and simulation RPG mechanics
  • The timing for when the enemy (Trillion) will attack is known in advance, allowing players to focus on preparing for a pre-determined deadline
  • Battling Trillion is less about killing him and more about ensuring the fight is carried on in later bout,s and eventually finished (apparently similar to the Oreshika series)
  • The timing for Trillion’s appearance will change depending on the amount of damage dealt to him in battle

We’ll have more information on Destroyer Trillion as we approach that January release date, but for now – that’s all folks!

  • gRANT

    Really hopeful IF will bring this to the states.

  • nonscpo

    Damn Compile Hearts just doesnt take a break, its almost like their a RPG factory using sweat shop labor, I really do hope that there not overworking there employees too much!