The manga creator and editor from Granzella is headed to Japan next month, on time with it’s Q4 2014 release date previously promised.

If you are not familiar with Let’s Manga (or Manga Ka Keeru), it is a very unique Vita game that gives players the tools to arrange characters, backgrounds, and speech/effect bubbles to create there own manga stories. Players will get the option to start from scratch or build upon initial templates for different genres of Manga. Future DLC will likely add additional content to use in your creations.

The developers also posted a new trailer which shows you the game’s mechanics in action:

I think a western release has a chance of happening in the future since the game is reportedly getting English language options. But in the meantime, Let’s Manga will be available sometime in November on the Japanese Playstation Store for ¥400 or free for PS+ subscribers.

  • I wouldn’t call this a game, but rather a tool/app to create manga if you have no drawing experience. It looks really interesting and I’d love to try it out when/if it comes to the west.

  • Fed

    Wow, I’d love to try this out if it came to the West 🙂

  • othy

    Granzella told me that they were looking into the possibility to publish the game to the west.