Nippon Ichi is bringing this adventure game from the Personal Computer to the other PC – our favourite portable console. 😉

Fog’s Fuuraiki 3 has been announced as coming to PlayStation Vita, this week’s Famitsu reveals – bringing with it the announcement of a February 19th release date and a 5,800 yen price tag.

The Nippon Ichi published title is actually a series of romance simulation games that involve touring around Japan’s Hokkaido area; an island region to the north of the country. Gameplay in this iteration is split into three parts, outlined by Gematsu below.

  • “Touring” entails freely traveling around the entire island by motorcycle, which is depicted with photography. At certain points, players can stop on the side of the road to better enjoy the view.
  • “Adventure” portions of the game see over 100 famous tourist spots to visit. It’s during such sections of the games that players encounter the game’s heroines and other local people as they gather information and take pictures.
  • “Camping” stretches of the game task players with compiling information about the places they visited and running posts about them online. With the protagonist being an aspiring travel writer, the ultimate goal is to churn out posts that will be received well in a writing contest in which they’re participating.

Along with three areas, they’ve also chosen three heroines for the story – each shown below;

Originally released on PC in April of 2013 and available on Japanese account-using Vitas this February, we’ll have more news on Fuuraiki 3 as it releases.